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  1. JS264

    2017 conversion To 04 frame

    If you want to get rid of your aluminum frame let me know!
  2. JS264

    250yzf mod

    I'm not a site sponsor so I can't post for service/sale or I'll get in trouble
  3. JS264

    250yzf mod

    They can be made to turn fantastically with some minor modifications. PM me about it.
  4. JS264

    15' YZ250F Overall handling quesiton

    Lower the shock 2mm internally and revalve it softer. PM me if you want stacks to do it yourself. And you'll need stiffer fork springs at 195lbs
  5. JS264

    Showa shock question

    Clicker needs to be all the way out. Get it as full with oil as possible, put 150psi in it and the needle will probably back out.
  6. JS264

    Showa shock question

    Unless the bladder is bad, the Schrader is pretty much the only spot
  7. JS264

    Showa shock question

    The nitrogen charge pushes the needle back when you back the clicker out. If it didn't have a charge the needle wont move and having it closed up makes it hard too bleed. N2 could have simply just leaked out, your shock must have felt like mush.
  8. JS264

    Showa shock question

    Most likely the rebound needle is closing off the shaft bleed. Take the shaft/piston assembly out, back the rebound clicker all the way out and gently push the needle in with an allen wrench.
  9. JS264

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    If it's more hard packed the x30 will be ok. I preferred the x203 on everything except straight hard pack on my yz250. I never liked the way it felt with any intermediate tires i tried
  10. JS264

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    X30 is a poor choice for sandy soils and you'll dislike it. You want an X20 or an M203
  11. JS264

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    You have a bad setup if it's that bad. Mine pushed a little with stock clamps on hard pack but it has always been my favorite bike for riding sand and soft dirt.
  12. JS264

    KYB Piggy Back shock rebuild

    Other way around
  13. JS264

    How do I get my yz250 to corner!?

    22.5mm triple clamps and proper suspension valving. Can you get the stacks from the tuner?
  14. JS264

    KYB Piggy Back shock rebuild

    One more step you're missing, split the hsc adjuster and bleed it past the hsc bolt