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  1. Dr. Mark Over the past year I've developed a severe pain in my left arm when I ride. It usually occurs after landing big jumps or riding on rough tracks. The pain radiates from my trap to my forearm. It's a constant ache 7/10 on the pain scale. I've had "tennis elbow" before but this feels different, almost like a nerve is being inflamed ?? The pain also showed-up when the family and I were driving go-carts during a holiday gathering. The pain stays constant throught my riding session but usually subsides all together during my drive home from the track. I workout and train during the week at the gym without any like symptoms. Any advice would be great. Thanks Dg636
  2. dg636

    TLD SE2 paint fade

    Give them a call. My first SE2 came with a spare visor. If it's not a custom paint scheme they prob have your visor in stock.
  3. dg636

    TLD SE2 paint fade

    DB, I've had two TLD helmets and they still look like they did the day I bought them. One is an 05 and it still looks good (no fading) I would call or E-Mail troy right-away. They take pride in their helmets, I wold expect them to be concerned with your issue. Good luck, keep us posted if you can. -DG636
  4. My buddie rode his tonite at Hangtown and said it feels better than any YZF ever made. The throttle response was scary fast and the bike looked smooth on a fairly rough track.
  5. dg636

    Hangtown National 2009

    I've been out there the last two days. The track has a ton of sand so the riders will be flying we got two see a handfull of factory guys and gals do a few laps this afternoon. Josh Grant looked really fast along with millsaps and shorty. I know the price sucks this year but I think its worth it to see these guys upclose. Every year I'm amazed......... -DG636
  6. Kyli3, Muscle confusion pared with a circuit weight training routine is key. Any "all body workout" that keeps your heart rate in the Moderate Zone will usually burn-off fat. And as stated above, change it up every 5-6 weeks so your body doesn't adapt to what your doing. Look into Crossfit or P90X. They work very well. Also, use a heart rate monitor (if your not already) get one that you can input you age and weight into. Then it will track your "calories burned" during each workout. -DG636
  7. dg636

    Bodyweight Workout Routine

    That was me try this site: it works really well for riding. http://motoxfitness.com/ -DG636
  8. dg636

    looking for good mx exercise website

    Try this, it's pretty good. DG636 http://www.motoxfitness.com/
  9. dg636

    High blood pressure and racing?

    It's usually caused from three things: Poor riding form, suspension and phyiscal fitness. -DG636
  10. Sounds good, I don't use the jokers. The aces are squats also (but I like the reverse crunch) Make sure your squats are deep and in good form they are really important for riding. If your having trouble with the "dive bombers" try doing the first part of the move correctly then push yourself back-up with your arms straight. How do your lats feel today................... -DG636
  11. The last time I did it with the stop watch it took about 19 minutes but those "dive bombers" got pretty tough. I kept thinking " how many damn 9 and 10 cards are in this deck" -DG636
  12. You do the same amount as the number on the card. I.E. a red seven would be seven push-ups. Give it a try and let me know how you like it. It really works well for riding. REMEMBER try to do it NON-STOP -DG636
  13. Have her try the "Deck Of Cards MX Workout", All face cards are 12 body squats (feet footpeg width apart) Red cards are push-ups Black cards are dive-bombers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttk8RdiIHzAers Mix up the deck and start turning them over. This mx workout is done without stopping until she has gone through the entire deck of cards. It's a great mix of cardio and strength training that mimics the stress your body is put through during a moto. -DG636
  14. dg636

    Dr. Mark- Motocross Elbow?

    I've also recently developed a pain/burning type sensation in my elbow. Mines on the outside, right in the center of the elbow-joint. I can feel it when I squeez my hand into a fist It's getting worse and right before my race season starts........................ Any idea's.............. DG636
  15. Chris, Here's a few things I do each race. Have the bike tech/prepped before the day of the race, you don't want to make changes on race day. Check all of your gear,tools and food/water the night before, that way you can just "load up" in the morning and go (you'll be a bit stressed) Get to the track early, sign-up as soon as you can (helps with 1st moto gate pick) then find out the practice order. Sometimes it's by skill level and sometimes it's bike color (all red and green bikes) and so on... Go and walk the track, usually the race day layout is different from the normal layout. Try to go out and practice as many times as you can (usually twice) then watch the faster classes. They often find the best lines around the track and you can get some good insight just from watching them. At this point the race schedule should be posted, find out what moto your in and take note of the ones ahead of you so you know when to be getting ready. Pay attention to how they run the starts. I know this sounds like a lot but, after a race or two it will be second nature. Have fun, remember to breathe, hold your line. -DG636