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  1. Himsa123

    Hollsiter Hills-Saturday 3/28- THE WILD WABBIT

    Race was a blast, im glad i went. did anyone catch the website for the photography?
  2. Himsa123

    Fresno March 09

    You guys racing?
  3. Himsa123

    Spilling Off Road Hate One Word At A Time

    Good story, it would have been hard to keep my mouth shut hearing her say that to Ken. i lol in the video "they sand blasted me!"
  4. Himsa123

    Hollsiter Hills-Saturday 3/28- THE WILD WABBIT

    Sounds like I will be attending the event. Do I need to become a H.H.O.R.A. member before the race or do they have sign ups onsite? Also what does the course consist of as I have never been to Hollister. Thanks!
  5. Himsa123

    Need Your VOTE!

    YZ 250 P.S. I ride a newer 4 stroke so unbiased vote here.
  6. Himsa123

    Hollsiter Hills-Saturday 3/28- THE WILD WABBIT

    Newb here with a couple questions. So you have to be apart of the club to enter the race? Also im not to sure what class to race in, ive never raced but been on a motocross track maybe twice and have only been riding for a year...any info would be great as id like to pop my race/ hare scramble cherry and it seems like a family oriented event which is cool. Also is it green sticker only bikes? I do ride a WR 450 but for some ODD reason my AIS fell off................ Thanks.
  7. Screw the gear, that looks like some awesome riding!
  8. Its in there somewhere.
  9. Himsa123

    Dented rim :(

    Thanks for the reply, I will place my order this week.
  10. Himsa123

    Dented rim :(

    Any advice?
  11. Himsa123

    Dented rim :(

    Yes it is black but I'd rather not be missing a few spokes. Thanks though.
  12. Himsa123

    Dented rim :(

    I have a dented rear 10 in. rim on my SDG. What do i look for as to what will fit my bike or not. Are all 10 in. rims the same or do I need to look for a certain style hub to fit my sprocket and disc?? Thanks! EDIT: I am looking for a complete rear set up: wheel, hub, spokes.
  13. Himsa123

    Can anyone identify what type of pit bike this is??

    Nice makeover. Now go ride the thing, only you can determine whether it was a rip off or not.
  14. Himsa123

    It's not a sport

    +1 take him out then when he dumps it just roost his face off.