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  1. Mook

    I need fork help.....

    Jeff, If you get this, check your private messages. I lost your number - i sent you mine... mike robinson
  2. Mook

    Raleigh, NC Riding

    what kinda riding are you into? mook
  3. Mook

    Clutch Line Routing

    I think Bruce is all too FAMILIAR with Scott Summers. Bruce, didn't I hear you wife might be tempted to leave you for Scott? mook
  4. Mook

    02 Verse 03 E440

    Bruce, How much for the crated "E"? mook
  5. Mook

    CX map, why didn't Cannondale do this?

    Jason, GP, I think I have asked this before but if I were to order a fly wheel like the ones you have what would I do? I have a shop that will install it for me. I am very interested in the outcome of your e/C tuning and varying TS settings. keep me informed. mike
  6. Mook

    Moving on...

    Do you still have the original seat? I will take it if you want to sell separately. mook
  7. Mook

    I'M RICH

    I am running the NGK CR9EK now. Switched from the 8EK. The 9 is better with the bike dialed in. mook
  8. Mook

    Cannondale Completes Auction of Bicycle and Motors

    I think more like dead in the water. What it sounds like to me is that Pegasus never intended to allow another bidder to come in and take over. It was a directive of the Bankrupcy court that they loopholed. They know that the motorsports division is a loss and will not do anything with it unless someone comes in to buy it for what they put in it. It's all about the money, and some guys out there who bought some bikes and quads are not thier problem. mook
  9. Mook


    I second the pressure washer. I (not on purpose) have lost most of my graffix this way. mook
  10. east coast harescrambles are one of the only places that more power is not always good. Because of the varying climate tractability is key. Weight is a big factor when squeezing through the trees and navigating obsticles. With all that, the best HS bike is probably the GasGas EC 200 - I say this because the smooth power and the ergos (wheelbase, rake and trail) are design for lock to lock turning and comfort in agressive slow technical stuff. But, this a four stroke forum. SO, my vote on the four stroke side is going to be something with an e-start that is light as possible. The category only really holds a couple of contenders: WR250F and KTM RFS - Husky TE-250 would shoot straight to the top if you could get one. when you consider price the winner is WR250F with bark busters and a new set of S-12's ofcourse. my opinion, Mook
  11. Where is our fate? Enquiring minds want to know. Who has the skinny? mook
  12. Mook

    I got a NEW 'dale

    Jason, where did you get the fly wheel from? cost? and was it hard to install? Mook
  13. Mook

    Are Cannondale riders older? What are your ages?

    30 here - stuck in Cleveland while my buddies are riding back in NC and VA. Finally got the bike in tip top racing shape and no races to go to. No place like home - no place like home - no place like home (clicking my Tech 8's together). mook
  14. Mook

    Did I do something wrong?

    Air450, It was not a washing issue, I got the bike from the shop where they "fixed" the shorting/fuse blowing issue - brought it home and it has sat for 2 1/2 months now. THis is actually why I had to jump start it. HR, I am affraid you are probably right. But I was not able to race or ride my bike for about 4 months because of this problem last race season. And I though it was fixed with the new wiring harness. Looks like I will be chasing wires again. I was worried that I had overloaded the circuit with the truck running while I was turning it over. never had the jumper cables mixed up - like it was mentioned. I sure hope someone buys Cannondale and honors their service committment. I need to ride! Mook
  15. Mook

    Did I do something wrong?

    I had a dead battery after not riding for a couple months. I blew a fuse (10amp ECU power circuit) after I had the bike hooked up with jumper cables to my truck. While I had the bike hooked up and truck engine on I tried to start it for about 10 minutes - try for 5 - 10 seconds then wait a few. Never started. (separate issue, I think the plug is shot). But then a half hour later after the battery was charged and off the jumpers, I tried to start it and POP - goes the damn fuse. I don't know if you guys remember, but this is a problem I had a while ago before Cdale replaced my wiring harness, and IACV stepper, fuel pump, and Kill switch with an 03 switch. thoughts? should I not have turned the bike over while hooked to the truck? Mook