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  1. AaronRoberts

    04 450 starting problems

    Yeah, mine would stick, and sometimes I could rock it back in forth in gear and it would break free. Kind of weird, but no big deal. Well, I am riding MSHC series again and the BJEC so maybe I will see you again.
  2. AaronRoberts

    04 450 starting problems

    When you try and kick it over, and it is hard to kick, does it feel like a heavy slow pull. Kind of like kick through an electric starter that is dragging? If so, mine did the same thing, it was the starter clutch gear in the lower end. Replaced it and everything is fine. Let me know. Maybe see ya at the races again this year, Aaron "Chili" Roberts
  3. AaronRoberts

    04 vs 05 TE Decision

    Hey York, do I have the deal for you. Have a 2004 TE450 that I absolutley love. Just put new Michelins on it, valves are perfect, has Doma exhaust w/SA and Graphics MX graphics, and Renthal Bars. Needs nothing!!! Will take $4500 Only reason I am selling, is I also have a TE250 and I am going to ride it this year. The 450 has stretched my arms far enough Let me know, my email is chili@blackjackenduro.com. See ya
  4. AaronRoberts


    Don't know about price, but if you get in a bind, YZF250 shims are the same. Even though they are Yamaha, I don't think they hurt the performance
  5. AaronRoberts

    Broken Engine Update!

    Pretty much what Huskytone said. Plus the tolerance on the valve adjustment is 1.6 mm to 2.35 MM. I am at 1.7mm now, so I thought I had better put some in before I hurt something.
  6. AaronRoberts

    Broken Engine Update!

    Well, I feel your pain buddy. But, I have heard this story with every motorcycle company out there. It is just a matter of life. I have a buddy who has a 2004 YZ450F that the cam has locked up twice, causing him to buy 2 heads in the first 6 months of riding it. $450 a pop!!!Know one knows why, it just happens. I would say to help you, you need a good dealer or all the guys on here can help you. I have had my TE450 for 13 months now. I have over 2000 race miles on it currently. The valves are finally at the end of their tolerance. I orderd my new ones last Friday and got them in the mail yesterday. So, don't know why yours took so long, but it sure sounds like dealer problems to me. Just my 2 cents.
  7. AaronRoberts

    Valve adjustment tricks…

    Good info! Something you might want to get in the tool box is a handy pair of dental tweezers. They work great for hold the shims while your putting them back in. And yes, the magnet is the way to go for getting them out. Husqvarna TE450 Husqvarna TE250
  8. AaronRoberts


    Quiet and lots more performance is the Doma pipe with Spark Arrestor. Have had ours on for 8 months and love it. Put one on my 450 and it almost gave it Too much power.
  9. AaronRoberts

    Husky Bucks

    No, that is the beauty of Husqvarna. They are really going after the "normal" weekend racer. I don't think Kansas is under their continency, but here in Missouri they pay the State harescramble series, as well as the BlackJack Enduro circuit and they even pay our local Fall/Winter series the Hillbilly Gran Prix. Very cool, my nephew has also earned over $2200 on his TE250 since last August. Very cool. Go to Husky website and check out the contigency list, it is VERY large where and what they pay. Chili 2004 Husqvarna TE450
  10. AaronRoberts

    Husky Bucks

    Husky bucks rule!!!! Since purchasing my TE450 last September I have earned over $1800.00 on my bike. It's almost like being paid to race. I turn them in at my shop just like money. Very cool. Plus, doesn't take hardly anytime to get them after you fax them the info. Very cool. Aaron "Chili" Roberts
  11. AaronRoberts

    2004 TE250 for sale - eastern PA, USA

    Beautiful SW Missouri. Drove once to Atlantic City and it took me 21 Hours. My email is chili@blackjackenduro.com if you want to chat. Let me know.
  12. AaronRoberts

    2004 TE250 for sale - eastern PA, USA

    Hey, kind of ironic, but I have a 2004 TE450 I was going to dealer trade back for a TE250. Love the bike, just too much power for me. What do you think, want to trade? Aaron "Chili" Roberts
  13. AaronRoberts

    TE450 Exhaust Comparo

    The db reading was with the pro moto billet encap with the spark arrestor. Sounds great, just not obnoxious, but the linear power gain is really UNREAL.
  14. AaronRoberts

    husky program

    It is true that it is not a "Husqvarna" program, but I did get a $1000 bond back in 3 years when I bought my Husky TE450. It is a new thing alot of our dealers are doing. He does it on all of his bikes. But, like I said, not a factory deal, just a way of selling bikes from some dealers. Basically, it's like a savings bond.
  15. AaronRoberts

    TE450 Exhaust Comparo

    My dealer got mine from Lanston Racing in CA. It was 399.95 for the silencer and the optional spark arrestor. No header. Who needs it, that stock titanium header is probably one of the best I have ever seen. Tucked in really great. And by the way, I know I responded earlier on how great this pipe made my 450 puller harder. But, a funny story goes with that. I just rode it around the field before I posted it, you know out in the open. Well, I raced it last weekend at our first state harescramble and wow!!! The course was here in Southwest Missouri, so it was tight and knarley. So, went on a practice lap, scared myself to death, and came back and put the stocker back on. It made that BIG of a difference, it was unreal how freaking fast the Doma made the TE450. Don't get me wrong, I will DEFINETLY be putting it back on, but I want to get used to it first. VERY impressive, and I have raced YZ426's before and this setup leaves nothing on the table against the Jap 450's. Everyone thought I was a nut when I came back from practice and was putting on the stocker. Oh well, thought you all should know.