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  1. crick

    pics of my 81 dr500

    That's a nice bike. I wish i owned it I love bikes from the early 80's they're way cool. I do have a question though, what is that above the front #plate that looks like a chefs hat?
  2. crick

    Tried Mobil 1 MX4T 10-40

    Dwight, that's pure crap."Only use motorcycle specific oils" Myself and lot of guys use automotive oil in 2 stroke and 4stroke gearboxes and 4 strokes that use the same oil(KTM)to lubricate the engine and trans. How many problems have we had? Zero. As a 50X "Enduro Champ" you should know better. As long as the oil isn't marked as energy conserving, it will have no ill effects on the clutch pack. And i'm hard on my 125's clutch i assure you. Someone did an oil analysis and Castrol GTX rated higher than Honda GN4. Castrol GTX 10-40, 15-40, 20-50, Shell Rotella 15-40 and 5-40 syn. are excellent oils for bikes. All these oils are inexpensive and readily available at k-mart, even on saturday night or sunday morning. Clean oil is more important than the brand used. As far as saving money by using a bike oil, how? Less repairs? I think not. I recently took apart a cr125 trans. that had a ton of time on it. Guess what? The entire trans was clean, the 4 trans. bearings were spotless and showed no play. The oil used in this bike was Pennzoil 10-40, like $1.29 a quart. Go ahead and buy $10 qt. synthetic bike oil and change it regularly and you know what in a year you could of bought a new bike. Rudder, please go to the Honda crf 450 forum and do some research on bike oil. Lots of real world info there not,"you heard". Therapture seems too be the authority on oil there. I think he's an engineer for a car company or something. :
  3. crick

    My Personal Project Honda

    Why so much aftermarket stuff? Were all the stock parts worn out? All of those pieces must have cost a fortune.
  4. crick

    91 300 EXC

    I think it would make an excellent trail bike for you and your son.These are high quality bikes and if it's in good shape overall, i would buy it at that price for a trail bike. Spray the inside of the cover with a few coats of epoxy spray paint too prevent corrosion.
  5. crick

    The worst wreck of my life!!

    XR'S BLOW ON A MX TRACK! If you plan to keep riding mx with a XR, get ready for a near death experience everytime. Buy a real mx bike,they are much fun and safer for racing mx. Use the XR for scouting deer, picking mushrooms and carrying fishing poles.
  6. I have a ktm hard parts skid plate on my 125 sx. It is the mx style plate, so it offers no waterpump or flywheel cover protection. The plate is formed from 2.5mm thick stainless. The rear mount that slips over the frames cross member is one piece with the plate, not a bolt on bracket. The front mounting bracket is a piece of ss flat stock, bent to contour the frame tubes and secured by 2 6mm allen screws. The plate fits perfect. I've cased a few jumps and its taken some hits from rocks, but it still looks like new and has never come loose. I would not hesitate to buy another ktm hard parts plate. They also have an off-road style plate that has more protection. The plates are made in Italy for ktm. I bought mine at H&H ktm for $60.
  7. crick


    I would buy the RM, it's a good bike. It would be good to change after riding a thumper for the last several years. I don't buy that stuff about RM's being unreliable.I see a lot of guys racing and riding 5 year old RM's with no problems. I had a RM 125 and it was a great bike. I also own a dualsport DRZ 400 that has proven to be a good bike within its limits. Don't let a good deal pass by.
  8. crick

    NEW Updated Photos... (SMALLER files!!!) 800x600

    From xr to cr,that looks like a nice ride. I would cut the crossbar strap off of the front # plate. You should also practice some 2nd gear holeshots on that nice green lawn.
  9. crick

    RHC motor mods....testing.....ride review.

    Hey Thepurerat, It's obvious a rider of your caliber requires a full works machine such as Kevin Windhams bike.Your old pile is holding you back man.PLEASE do us all a favor and call Team Honda to get a full factory ride.Carmichaels 450 is available for an awesome rider with heaps of talent such as yourself.Maybe you could race the oldman class and dethrone Spud or break Dr.D'S record? Face it Rat you're an old pathetic out of shape fool.Why don't you just ride and keep your hole shut instead of bragging about crap no one cares about and trying to make yourself look cool. You can't on your best day even come close to riding a completely stock CRF anywhere near its potential. I just read an article online about how Bob "The Hurricane" Hannah is absolutely amazed how much performance a modern stock 4 stroke racing bike has to offer.Oh, I'm sure you're faster than him, silly me. Why don't you try takin that enormous gay ass bazooka muffler off you posted pictures of. I never laughed so hard as when i seen that hideous thing.Did you get it off of a farm tractor? Explain to me how you're an "important TT member".Most of your 3,000 posts are you bragging about yourself.No, better yet explain it to Perfect Gay Racer 361 or whatever that clown is he'll listen to you.I'm sure you get that free all day long too.
  10. crick

    I LOVE IT Fast Fast Fast

    No. I don't care for Thepurerat. Can you ban him?
  11. crick

    I LOVE IT Fast Fast Fast

    You meant raisin.
  12. crick

    I LOVE IT Fast Fast Fast

    Hey Beakman, Is Thepurerat stopping by for a quickie tonight?
  13. crick

    I LOVE IT Fast Fast Fast

    Thepurerat, Why does your ass stick out so far while jumping. You're a poser and your pics are all the evidence I need. Get a life you fat old raisin sack!!! Edit this
  14. crick

    Any suggestions

    The SRC skidplate is very nice. It fits nice and tight against the frame rails,bolts right up using the stock engine guard bolts and a big clamp on the cross member.The SRC unit protects the oil filter and water pump covers.Scott Summers knows Hondas and knows how to ride them fast.It is an excellent plate.You will have to remove it to drain the engine and gear box fluids though.
  15. crick

    Any powder coaters in NE PA???

    Try Harveys in Wyoming.Also a place in Pittston that does bike frames,but i don't remember the name take a look in the Papershop they advertise all the time in the motorcycle section.