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    1973 Yamaha MX360 value ?

    Hi Dave, I see you're new here and I just wanted to make sure you knew that this thread is nearly 10 years old. Also there are a few sites that are more specific to the model you're after, a little google search should find them, sorry can't remember the names. Good luck!

    New plastics on older bike.

    Okay it looks like it's for even older bikes then yours but still a worth while site to check out, vmxracing.com
  3. You'll have to check and see if these two motors share parts, you can look on some sites that sell OEM parts, pull up the diagram for each model and see what parts they share.

    New plastics on older bike.

    Somewhere I have a name for a place that looks to be making a lot of the old plastics, I'll look and see if I can find it.
  5. This is a really old thread, I think I remember when it came out but didn't comment😀. Wonder if this young man/woman got a good grade on his of her assignment? , hmmm maybe if they see this they'll comment again on this old thread!

    rs500/xt500 81 yamaha

    I've seen an XT that had the battery eliminated so I know it can be done, though I'm not sure what they did to the wiring.

    1984 xr250r carb issue?

    When the dual carbs are functioning properly these bikes are a blast! An extra set of carbs is a good thing to have around, also now that you are an expert😀 at taking these carbs in and out you should make notes of what you've learned and best way to remove and replace!

    1984 xr250r carb issue?

    This is weird, I have the same bike but have not had the fuel issue you mention, I wonder if there is a way to check the fuel passage while the carbs are off the bike, taking these carbs on and off is not a fun task.

    W.I.P. 1984 Honda XR250 Phoenix

    My kickstand is about 15 1/2" from end to end. I believe it's the left carb that is the main carb, remember left and right are determined from the riding position. Your bike looks a bit rough but still a bargain to me, with just a bit of cleaning and paint removal you can improve the looks considerably!

    Xr250r restore

    As previously mentioned I would just pull the motor.

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    I don't like quads in general but I actually agree with this for the most part. I would think that the majority of people injured/killed on quads would be inexperienced, lack of personal protection and sad to say a lack of common sense. There are definitely two types of quad riders, the ones that don't wear helmets and do the donuts in the local riding area, then there's the ones in full gear out climbing me in the more remote areas.

    Series 58 daystar fork boots

    Did you ever get the boots?

    81 xl500s I buggered something up

    Good to hear! I finally got my 83 XT250 running right, it was the cdi, I kept thinking it was the carb! I'm not a big fan of the electrical stuff either!

    Carburetor Questions

    Yes it is for the choke lever, you're lucky you did not lose it, the little spring is most likely in the the hole where the ball bearing goes, if it's gone you can make another one out of a small spring.

    81 xl500s I buggered something up

    +1, look for the simple stuff first before you rip into stuff as most likely it is something simple! By the way great looking bike, love the color!