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  1. dzamo

    Dungey retirement remorse?

    You post reminded me of this.
  2. If you have money to burn, Scotts are the best, but pricey. I got a used GPR from ebay and put fresh oil in it. Very easy to do with youtube video. I love it. I ride MX tracks and it is on my YZ250. My cost was less than a 3rd of a Scotts!
  3. dzamo

    Workout after riding?

    Wow. that really impressive. What did you do to lose that much weight?
  4. I agree, their free shipping is very fast.
  5. dzamo

    Workout after riding?

    I usually ride 3 practice moto's on Sunday's. Is it ok to workout after riding or should I wait until Monday? If so what workouts would you recommend? FYI i have access to a treadmill, Total Gym, and free weights. I am 56. Thanks in advance.
  6. I need a new throttle cable for my yz250 2005. The little rubber boot on top of the carb is shot. I could use a cable slightly longer, like a quarter inch, as i run a steering stabilizer that makes the oem one a little tight. Are the after market cables equal in quality to oem? Thanks in advance. Dave
  7. I have an 05 yz250 with the EG295 kit with mo-betta porting. has smooth awesome power from bottom to top. I run slightly taller gears and an oring chain. It is easier to ride with less shifting. I ride MX mostly. The bike still feels like a 2-stroke but is less tiring. The oring chain is to get more engine braking.
  8. I went from a 2001 yz250 to my 2005 yz250. Both are fantastic bikes. Suspension on both was really good. Not sure why the big deal. If you read 2005 reviews none of the magazines had anything bad to say about the suspension. I eventually did have the 05 suspension revalved by a local a guy and now its even better!
  9. dzamo


    Sometimes the guy with the most seconds and thirds wins the title.
  10. dzamo

    Chad Reeds GET electronics device..

    Pretty sure it collects data for the AARP......lol. Go Reedy!!!
  11. dzamo

    2008 yz 250

    I had to replace all 3 when i did mine. I couldnt tell which one was bent or worn.
  12. dzamo

    Anyone paint a steel frame yz250

    Eastwood has some interesting paint. Spray cans that use a hardener. http://www.eastwood.com/paints/2k-aero-spray-paints.htmlIt is a little pricey though.
  13. dzamo

    Hard clutch pull

    Do you have to split the cases to replace this part? It costs 40 dollars new.
  14. RAP = Retards Attempting Poetry
  15. dzamo

    Installed my EG mo betta 295 kit today

    I got mine directly from Eric before he was with Millenuim. I didnt know he was back on his own.