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  1. Hey guys, been on 2 strokes the last 10 Years so I haven’t been keeping up with technology of the four strokes. Found a deal on a “low hours” 2013 ktm 350. Can I check the running hours by plugging into the ecu like some of the newer 450s? Or no? Im no expert rider but will I be disappointed in the 350 instead of a 450? Hows the general reliability and any advice for me on the 2013 350?
  2. Wasn't sure how to title this, I bought a lot of parts for my husqvarna 125. Basically a bunch of brand new 125 cylinders and heads and a bunch of 144 cylinders and heads too. Ive been sitting on the parts for a few years now and lost track of which are which. Does anyone know how I can identify the heads/cylinders? Maybe a micrometer to see the differences in the width of the cylinder? Im sure the porting and stuff could be a sign but I'm just not sure. I want to keep a few cylinders for myself and want to sell the rest off but I want to be sure Im advertising the right cylinders as the right bore. Thanks in advanced guys, I'm sure this is a dumb question for some of you more experienced mechanics!
  3. txmxer

    post your Supermoto Pitbikes

    I was wondering how many of you own a pitbike that you supermoto with. Ive really been wanting to do supermoto and was thinking either a crf 50 and sumo it(most likely) or less likely a ttr or drz 125 and sumo it. This is all when i get some money of course:thumbsup: POST YOUR PICS!
  4. txmxer

    Rekluse clutch slipping in 5th, help?

    I appreciate the advice from everyone, and I will definitely inspect. Im going to go ahead and replace the shift stopper while I inspect the clutch. Also I dont know the rekluse model because I bought the bike with the rekluse already installed. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hey guys the bike is an 05 yz 250 and Ive never had a bike with a rekluse clutch before. I havent had any problems with it on riding trips but I was showing it to a potential buyer today and suddenly every gear is fine except when you get it into 5th gear there is a major slip and it hits a false neutral feeling with no power and a strange sounds. It seems like a clutch issue to me (fingers crossed), has anyone had a similar problem? any advice?
  6. txmxer

    Rekluse clutch slipping in 5th, help?

    I think you're right, the problem is the rekluse assembly has me scratching my head on adjusting the free play, I think there is a possibility that I need a new cable as it seems to be all stretched out. I'll have to take the clutch apart and do some inspecting. Any advice on a micrometer or tool to measure out the fibers/plates?? Thank you so much! You reminded me of something, was your bike a yz? Because when I had my old yz 125 they did have a shift stopper issue and I remember updating mine before running into any problems. This could definitely be a possibility. I do remember that the shift stopper was supposed to make it difficult to find neutral at a stop from first gear, but the rekluse clutch could very well be masking this problem.
  7. txmxer

    YZ125 Ran then bogged hard to death.

    Is there compression or can you push down the kickstarter easy with your hand
  8. Sounds like a crank issue to me, where its not rotating properly to get the the piston cycling correctly, really hard to say without seeing it or having pics...are you sure the pistons facing the right direction?
  9. txmxer

    Bike without a Title possible?

    For everyone who says you cant do it, I once again titled another bike I bought without title, the ltr 450 I talked about earlier in this thread. Paid $120 and they verified the vin right there at the dmv, didnt need to take it to chp. It was easier this time around because it had never been registered in california though.
  10. txmxer

    Left over 2014 yz250.. How much should I pay?

    Thats nuts for a leftover imo, even $6500 would be decent. But if it were me I would probably be buying a husqvarna 250 brand new, they have good deals on new bikes for the huskys. This is coming from someone who just picked up a yz 250 and I've always been a yamaha 2 stroke guy but I will say my husky 125 is the funnest bike Ive had and best suspension out of the box. I was very impressed with husky, but anyway you want a yz and I dont blame you, they're great bikes. I wouldnt pay 7,000 though personally! Good luck!
  11. txmxer

    Bike without a Title possible?

    Wow, thats nuts that she would go to those lengths to keep you from registering it. Did you strike a nerve or was she just one of the ladies you try to avoid at the dmv lol I will say that for my personal bikes I do try to get bikes with titles if I plan on keeping them for a long time. It has to be a good deal for me to buy without title. But it all depends on the situation. For example the quad im selling has never been registered in California so its simple. But sometimes you get these bikes that have been passed down to two or three owners and have backfees when you look up the vin, those can be difficult.... who am I kidding if its a good enough deal I would probably still consider it
  12. txmxer

    Bike without a Title possible?

    No, it wont be sold new without a pink but you can get it registered still, I have. All you do is go to dmv and get a form, schedule an appointment with chp to run/confirm the vin, and then go back and get a title. Just make damn sure it is not stolen and make sure there are no backfees. Im selling an ltr 450 that I brought back with me from out of state without a title so im about to go through this process again but I also found a place that will apparently title it for you for like $200 and it super simple (never used them personally). CARS (California Auto Registration Service)- 951 694 4331 The key with the dmv is that if the person behind the counter denies you and says you cant title it just turn come back and try with someone else. Its basically discretionary. I have been told that I absolutely cannot title it and there is no way and then got in the car driven a half hour and gotten the same bike titled at a different dmv (knock on wood maybe I was lucky).
  13. Late post but when I had a toolbox, I tied my bike down normal...I used tie down extensions that wrap around the bars to get a better angle but the strap would rest against the bottom of the toolbox but no biggie.
  14. Wow I havent been on thumpertalk in a very long time but it doesnt mean I havent been riding! I sold my yz 250 about a year and a half ago because I was having too much fun on my husky 125 and the 250 was just sitting. Ive been casually looking for another 250 for desert/dune duty and this one kind of fell into my lap right when I told myself I dont need another bike and if I did it would be a 450 lol Well now I picked up this 05 250 for a smoking deal last night (I'll post pics when I get home). I thought it was an 06 so the fact that it was an 05 when I went to pick her up was a little bit disappointing but thats ok. Anyways the bike is set up with a Rekluse clutch and a scotts steering stabilizer, both of which I have never had on any of my bikes. I have read up on the rekluse quite a bit, I will say it was way different riding the bike with a Rekluse when I test drove it and the clutch feel is much different, my question is what are some tips and tricks with the Rekluse clutch and the stabilizer that you guys with 250s have specifically used. How does the adjustability on the scotts stabilizer work? I know I'll get the hang of it with some seat time but Im bored at work with a new bike sitting in the garage so im itching to get more info!
  15. Thanks for the heads up, and im sure I will forget the tip next time im stuck on a hill climb lol. You reminded me of something that was weird riding the bike which I forgot about, exactly what you said which is the bike free rolling in any gear. I have a feeling im going to really like this set up though. The last 05 yz 250 I had I just couldnt get it to perform right suspension wise, and it would knife in corners so bad. I really hope I can get this one figured out, im thinking about biting the bullet and having it all revalved before I even take it out.
  16. Thats awesome to hear, in my head im still going to ride my 125 a lot more just because I have so much fun on it but having both a 125 and a 250 is pretty great. I was messing around with the Rekluse a bit yesterday and going into corners with no clutch and really trying to bog it down, im pretty impressed so far. Its just weird because theres no tension on the lever when your in neutral or the bikes off, it almost feels like a cable thats been stretched all the way out, but once I start riding the clutch feels fine (might need a little fine adjustment). It'll be weird to get used to not bump starting but I think overall itll be really beneficial to my riding style
  17. Thanks for the heads up, I feel like I've been riding my bikes like a caveman with all these gadgets that have been out for ages that I haven't had the chance to try out yet haha. I'll get that manual asap
  18. Heres a pic of the bike, I got the stock tank with it but will probably leave the clarke tank since this bike will be on desert duty. Its cleaner than it looks in the pics, im going to pick up some new plastics for it and in the long term some revalving and respringing suspension wise. The owners dad was a master mechanic at a shop so the bike was maintained really well, cases split last season with new seals and bearings and everything is in spec. I cant wait to get out and ride it. Might have to sneak away from the family this weekend and do a day trip to glamis lol
  19. Im actually pretty excited to go on a ride with the stabilizer and rekluse, I got to ride around my block a little bit yesterday and I think I like the feel of the Rekluse but it will be a different story when I go on an actual ride. We do a lot of single trac hill climbs with boulders and rocks, and being on a 2 stroke (especially a 125) is difficult because you have no bottom end and you have to feather the clutch while gripping the bars over rocks. I feel like Im going to like the Rekluse but im sure its going to completely screw me up when I jump back on my 125 with a regular clutch
  20. txmxer

    Setting up my bike for the dunes

    Oh yeah a 250 2 stroke or 300 will do great out in the dunes, definitely! Have fun!
  21. txmxer

    Setting up my bike for the dunes

    Ive heard of everyone saying that a 125 can do well in the dunes and after running a 6 paddle with my yz in glamis, I wouldnt do it again. Its too much work and some of those hills are huge for a 125. The first day I was making it up olds pretty easily, by the second day I think my piston had already started to melt a little and I was hitting the whoops at the bottom in 6th gear trying to have enough speed to make it to the top and couldnt do it.
  22. txmxer

    Setting up my bike for the dunes

    Depending on the bike and how worn your chain is you can get away with not removing the mud flap, just play it by ear. I didnt have to on mine. I want to emphasize jetting!!! I went up on the main jet and ran it richer but still too lean and melted my piston, given this was on a 125 so obviously I was riding the hell out of it which didnt help.
  23. txmxer

    This is my garage

    Nice to see im not the only crazy one, had 12 bikes in my garage last summer. This was my garage when I came back home for the summer, not pictured is a 1976 xs360 barn find and a 2002 Blaster in the middle of a rebuild. Added a husqvarna 125 and a drz 110 shortly after this picture. In the past year I ended up selling the 05 yz 250, the kx 60, traded the 110 for the husky, took a part the 65 to use for the drz 110. Then back home I also have an ltr 450 getting a new fuel pump. I dont even want to know the total count of bikes Ive had to date but I know its above 20. EDIT: Would you guess im actually a Yamaha guy
  24. So what was the one riding tip you heard and suddenly clicked with when you went riding and could feel yourself riding better, also bonus for the one tip that made you start whipping better. Mine was using more front brake and less front brake for cornering when I first started riding track. Really transitioned my cornering and made me corner a lot better.
  25. txmxer

    yz 125 2006 no spark

    Stupid question but do you have one of those icat spark enhancers? Had one on my 05 yz 125 and it weathered down and stopped working causing me to have no spark. I just removed it and ran the stock wire and everything worked fine.