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    When are you starting your kids on bikes?

    I have a set of training wheels off of an XR-50 (but sure they would also fit a PW or JR as well) that are available for cheap ($25 plus shipping from Maryland). Just looking to get to someone who can use them.

    Nerf Bars for Raptor 80 (YFM 80)

    Thanks I found a set and ordered them.
  3. Has anyone found or made nerf bars (and baskets) for the Raptor 80. I'm afraid my daughter may get her foot stuck under the bike? I was thinking of making some, anyone have pictures of bought or made ones? Thanks

    Wrong chain gaurd case saver??

    Just take it off. Haven't riden with one since 2002 due to dirt and mud clogging up in it. There are also aftermarket ones that are vented.
  5. I am experiencing the drip while the engine runs (not while the bike is sitting as some have stated). Other then the inconvenience of the smell and having to watch the coolant level (haven't really noticed a drop in level), is there any other dangers such as coolant getting into the engine oil. If not, I will just wait until the next time I change the oil to do the fix, as I just changed the oil getting ready for my next ride when I noticed the leak after startup and oil level check. Thanks.

    More Battery ?s

    I just installed one I got from Rocky Mountain ATV which cost me about $45 delivered. I road last weekend, and it fired up the bike nicely. I was trail riding with some ATV's and stopped the bike often with no problems firing back up. Bike seemed to run better with the new battery also.

    Battery question

    I just ordered the $40 battery from Rocky Mountain, has anybody else gotten one of these, and have you had good success? Guess I should have asked this question before I ordered the battery. Thanks.

    Changed Front Sprocket--Change Chain???

    I run a 13. I like it better than the 14 for tight trails.

    Dead battery...

    I ran my bike for a couple hours this weekend (had the battery on a float changer), and it ran and started fine. However, after charging the battery it reads 13.10 volts, and then drops (without charger) to 12.16 volts in a couple of hours and stays constant. After the ride and travel home, the battery again reads 12.16. Is this battery ready to die (I was under the impression it should read over 12.5 when fully charged). I had to charge it earlier in the winter to get the bike to start, and now keep it on the float charger. I just don't want to get stuck some place. Thanks. 2000 'E' model (second battery, 3 years old)
  10. OCKBOB

    BD open this weekend?

    There is usually someone there in the early morning getting the place open and grooming the track if necessary. Therefore, call before you haul.
  11. OCKBOB

    battery problems?

    Well my battery showed 13.3V right after I removed the Float Charger, but the showed 12.25V a few hours later (no charger). It then showed 12.21V the next day without any additional charging. It will crank the motor for a while, but because it is so cold (and probably bad gas), it wears out after cranking for 30 sec or so. Once I do get it started (jump start from a battery quick start), the battery does seem to charge, and will kick the bike over easily due to it being warmed up, and it only has to crank for a second. I don't want to get stuck some place with a bum battery, and I don't want to buy a new one if it is still good (3 years old). What should I expect the voltage to be if I turn on the light, or if I start cranking the engine?? I'm sure the bike charging system is working. How else should I check it to see if it is holding a good enough charge?? Would taking it to Battery Warehouse and have them test it be the best bet?? Any thoughts or tests would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. OCKBOB

    73 ft/lb on both front and rear nut...Okay?

    Decided to remove the nut and start over. It was a bit*h getting the nut off after tightening it to 100 ft-lbs, and using red locktight. Without an impact driver, I would have never gotten it off (and the wife said the compressor was a waste of money). Even after I broke it loose, it needed effort to keep turning it due to the locktight. I used red locktight and tightened to 70 ft-lb. I'm sure it won't get loose now. Thanks for all the input (thanks for the PM Burned).
  13. OCKBOB

    73 ft/lb on both front and rear nut...Okay?

    I mistakenly tightened my CS nut to 100 ft/lb with locktight. Should I loosen it up at this point, or should I leave it alone and just hope I didn't squash the spacer? (Burned, any thought?????????)
  14. OCKBOB

    What Battery Is Best?

    I have a "Float" charger which states for 12 volt batteries rated 5 to 20 amps. Will this hurt the battery if I leave it on for any lenght of time? Is the rating just the fully charged battery output?
  15. OCKBOB

    Ripped off the exhaust can

    Went riding on Friday and flipped my 2000 'E' model. Ripped the rear fender and the exhaust can (Pro Circuit T4) off. It appears that the system is only two pieces (header and pipe/can). I guess I have to find the pipe/can. I've searched a few parts places on the internet, but can't find it. Does anyone have a clue where one could be had, or does anyone have an aftermarket pipe for the 2000 "E" model they would be willing to sell. I am short on cash right now, Christmas and all, so I may just put the stock pipe back on until I get back on top of the bills. Thanks Tim