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  1. ktmr

    dunlop 739

    I cannot honestly say much about the D739 tire specifically. Although, I will give my .02 on Dunlop and their customer service. A couple of weeks ago I was mounting a new D952 and the bead absolutely shredded on me. I have mounted many tires over the years, and yes I know what I am doing. Obviously the tire had poor craftsmanship or materials. The customer service at Dunlop, once you get someone on the phone, was horrible. They really acted as though they did not care about their product or reputation. I understand I am only one person and a nobody, but they were down right rude on the phone. When I told them their information was incorrect on their web site, he basically said that he did not care. I told him that I understand they are a business and are in business to make money. Just stand behind what your web site says is your warranty policy and who are your dealers. Needless to say, I will not buy another Dunlop again. I am sure their CEO will not be able to buy that extra house because of loosing my business, but it is the whole principal in the matter. Of course, I am trying to recruit as many other consumers to stay away from Dunlop as well. If they treated me that bad when I had a situation, they will you also.
  2. ktmr

    03 YZ 450 / Oil dripping out

    Check the decompression plug. If there is not a little rubber plug on the top ride side and just an open hole, that is your problem. I blew mine out of my YZF and had the exact same symptoms you are describing.
  3. ktmr

    Throttle Gov for jr50 Suzuki

    On the throttle housing there is supposed to be a bolt with a locking nut. The more open you want your son to ride, back the bolt out and tighten the nut to lock the bolt in place. If the bolt is not there, order another one from Suzuki. It has a tapered end, in other words you will not be able to pick it up at the local hardware store. If you need any other help, let me know.
  4. ktmr

    some advice please

    Congrats on your purchase. The 426F's are great and almost bulletproof. The best place to get help on fine tuning and making it even better is on Motoman's site http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/ . Then go to Tech Articles and check them out. Alot of good, helpful info that has helped many of us for years.
  5. The boat even had a wooden deck sticking off the back of the boat. This deck was the width of the boat and stuck out probably 3 feet. Would be perfect for taking a riders head off at the neck. Absolute stupidity in action.
  6. Ask your doctor about a device called Exogen. It uses ultrasonic waves to increase the healing time. My doctor swore by it and hooked me up with one when I broke my ankle.
  7. Absolutely. If that is their policy, I think the Supercross promoters would need to know what they are doing.
  8. So, my brother goes to Central Yamaha to get pit passes for the Dallas SX. He goes by there and the guy behind the counter says that if he does not have his tickets, it is $10 each. My bro. goes home and goes all the way back over there today with our tickets. The first squid is sitting around and some other dude is there. This dude says that if he did not get the tickets from them, the pit passes were $10 each. Then he said the first fella was wrong about what he said. Does anyone else have any experience with them this year? Last year, they were cool and no problems. This year, they are definitely loosing any business I would have ever considered giving them.
  9. ktmr

    Pro Wheel Rims

    I talked to my mechanic about them not long ago. He said he has laced up a few sets and has seen some failures. He suggested I spend a little extra and go with Excel.
  10. ktmr

    Music while you ride

    Pick up a cheap mp3 player. One you can consider "disposable" if you go down and it gets thrashed. I can hear my bike, and other people who are around me. The music helps me ride a little longer than without it.
  11. ktmr

    Lawnmower FX

    I still had the tv on the Speed channel, as the lawnmower racing was coming on. My wife walks through, and for the first time said, "I am glad you ride motorcycles. I would be embarrassed if I had to go to work and tell everyone that we went to the lawnmower races over the weekend..."
  12. Very good choice for you. It is much more predictable than a 250 pinger that is your other consideration. If I might offer a suggestion:try to get an '03 450F or newer. The automatic decompression and lighter feel of the bike is a desired improvement that you will thank me for in the long run. But, get what you can afford and have fun with it.
  13. ktmr

    Dirt rider

    If I knew you wanted it, I would have sent it to you before I wasted 30 minutes of my life and threw it away. You really are not missing anything.
  14. ktmr

    Mega Bomb?

    I cannot speak on the Mega Bomb, but I can speak about the Power Bomb. I put the Power Bomb and Ti4 on my '03 450. The exhaust note did not change with the Power Bomb, but it pulls forever, in 3rd especially. The power delivery is real nice. I am sure the Mega Bomb would have at least the same increase.
  15. ktmr

    Pre printed backgrounds

    I use an old t-shirt to rub the Windex out once the graphic/backgound is in place. Rub out the liquid and air bubbles. Then I hit it with a heat gun. Piece of cake.