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  1. yz653

    Need some help PLEASE!

    You didn't put a rag in your airbox did you?
  2. yz653

    HELP...pick up coil came loose

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these for a decent price? I may need the stator and all. I won't know until I take it off.
  3. Arrrghhh!!! Over the winter I replaced the timing chain, piston & rings and the clutch. I went for my first ride Saturday and all hell broke loose. My bike started backfiring and missing and quit running. My first thought was bad gas, my second thought was a loose wire got wet since I was riding in the rain and mud. I took her apart tonight and applied di-electric grease on all my connections after realizing I had no spark. Still no spark. I drained the oil popped the ignition cover off only to find a missing screw from my pick up coil and the other one loose as a goose. Of course the coil was completely destroyed by my flywheel but more importantly, I can't find the missing screw. My question(s) is this. Where can it go and how screwed am I?
  4. yz653

    Clutch Dragging

    I recently had this problem. I found my oil to be overfilled...I took my clutch apart anyway just to make sure. It was the oil!!!
  5. What would happen if I didn't have the valve in place between my gas cap and my vent cap?
  6. yz653

    "Add-A-Bike" Carrier Review

    I've been using my Add-A-Bike on the back of a 2000 Grand Cherokee for about two years now. I wouldn't trade it for the world. i might trade it for a new YZ250F though.
  7. Thank you for the tips. By the way...Rick, you have one of the nicest bikes I've ever seen. Excellent job!! That thing truely is a piece of artwork.
  8. Take your silencer with you to the hardware store. Tell them you need a couple of short sheet metal screws, socket head cap screws if they have them. I did it on my 99 RM250 and it worked like a charm. If you want to try the spring nut idea, head for your local auto body paint and supply store instead.
  9. yz653

    Oil type question

    I have been using Castrol GTX also for the life of my bike and have not had a problem yet.
  10. yz653

    Putting master link on DID O Ring

    LOL!!!! I'm breakin a sweat just reading this thread. I use a DID ERT Gold chain...whew!!
  11. I am getting ready to send my 2003 YZ250F frame out for powdercoating. With the thought in mind that they will be sandblasting it, what can I do to minimize contaminating my frame. I will fill every threaded hole with an old bolt so I can pull it out and toss it when they are done. What about the dipstick hole, the breather line above it,etc. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  12. yz653

    Cam chain tensioner how tight?

    riphonda, they are all correct. The tensioner is aspring loaded device. When you release the screwdriver you will feel it turning the spring which will in turn apply pressure to the timing chain. If you do it with your valve cover off you will see the chain tighten up.
  13. yz653

    Aftermarket Shifters/Brake Pedals?

    www.rockymountainatvmc.com has Tusk anodized aluminum ones listed for 20-30 bucks depending on your ride. Th blue looks pretty trick.
  14. yz653

    Cam chain tensioner how tight?

    Here are the steps from the 2003 YZ250F Owners Service Manual: 1. While pressing the tensioner rod lightly with fingers, use a thin screwdriver and wind the tensioner rod up fully clockwise. 2. With the rod fully wound and the chain tensioner UP mark facing upward, install the gasket and the timing chain tensioner, and tighten the bolts (the two on the outside) to the specified torque.(10Nm or 7.2ft.lbs) 3. Release the screwdriver, check the tensioner rod to make sure it has come out(extended to put tension on the chain) and tighten the gasket and cap bolt to the specified torque.(7Nm or 5.1ft.lbs). Hope this gets ya goin!!
  15. What's up everyone!!! Happy New Year!!! I am about due to replace the clutch and possibly the basket in my 03 250f. Who offers the best deal on the clutch kit and the Hinson basket? There are so many places online I'm curious to hear what you guys have found? Cheers!