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    I'm into Bikes, Musclecars, Fast Boats and photography/videography. I'm in Socal and ride Milestone Glen Helen etc.
  1. Sharp Shooter

    Training off the bike.

    Mountain biking is awesome cardio, but you have to actually climb hills and get your heart rate up and keep it there. It's better than running or road biking because it's more fun. For me, arm pump subsides with frequent riding.
  2. Sharp Shooter

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke what do you guys think?

    2 strokes are cool and will always have a place in my heart, but I prefer riding the 4 stroke because they're easier to ride fast. The fact that this subject returns monthly, has me believing that many 2 stroke loyalists have a chip on their shoulder.
  3. I got a couple of tickets which I deserved back when I was a dumb teenager. At some point common sense kicked in and my troubles went away. Imagine that....
  4. Sharp Shooter

    What do you guys use to clean air filters

    I use this.
  5. Sharp Shooter

    Where in Vegas to ride MX? Rentals?

    I don't know about the OP but I get bored riding through tumbleweeds in the desert. I prefer motocross which is why I bought a motocross bike. A nicely groomed track with, jumps, whoops, burms and a few well placed ruts is heaven. I like natural terrain tracks like Glen Helen too. Have you ever happened upon a random track that someone made the effort to carve up? Did you pass over it or give it a shot? Most people are afraid of tracks so they hide from them. I've done both, but have way more experience desert riding and I nearly quit riding because chasing turtles down fire roads is boring. Sorry, but tracks are more fun.
  6. Sharp Shooter

    Razor hit quad or Quad hits razor?

    Can't hardly make it out.
  7. Sharp Shooter

    best way to carry tools?

    How many of you guys ever need these tools? I used to carry tools for desert riding and never used them ever. Keeping your bike maintained will probably serve you better IMO.
  8. Sharp Shooter

    Where in Vegas to ride MX? Rentals?

    Sandy Valley MX From I-15 take the Jean exit. Follow Highway 161 for approximately 6 miles. Turn left towards Sandy Valley, follow for about 15 miles. DO NOT MAKE ANY TURNS UNTIL YOU SEE THE SANDY VALLEY MX SIGN. Pass the California State Line. Turn right onto Lee Lane to SVMX.
  9. Techron is great for fuel injection. No need for buying concentrate, just buy Chevron.
  10. I liked it. Not sure why there's a line through my sentence. Maybe you would know...?
  11. Sharp Shooter

    2 Bikes 2 Gopros Milestone Ranch

    Definitely! Having someone in the frame ahead helps define the terrain you're on for the viewer. Thanks for watching!
  12. I watched it yesterday. Pretty cool!!
  13. Sharp Shooter

    Learning curve of different size bikes

    I agree with your buddy. The 250f is easiest to ride.
  14. I have a 6 and 7 year old and we frequent unsupervised kids tracks often. When the situation arises which is rarely, I ride with my kids just to show they have someone looking out for them. If I feel so inclined, which is very rare, I'm not above handing out a roost sandwich or shadowing someone who needs to be put in check. Generally speaking my presence has been adequate so far (knock on wood).
  15. A couple of slow 40+ year olds enjoying a perfect day at the track. A little cat and mouse for the video. Thanks for watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc19NDUlUh8