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  1. BruceD_500

    What carb for DR200 in DRZ125L frame?

    Following ,,, I have yet to find one that fits in real nice. They’re all kinda tight. I’ve even considered modding the frame to tilt the engine forward and gain some space. But that’s no small task
  2. BruceD_500

    Lets See Your XT & TT Pics.

    . XYZ project under way
  3. BruceD_500

    2004 Drz250 out of time? CDI?

    Assume it needs a complete rebuild and price it accordingly
  4. BruceD_500

    Yamaha TT500 XT500 SR500 FCR carb

    Definately going to want to drop that main to about 165. And figure out what the needle is . Also the intake I've been using to gain some room is just an off the shelf Mikuni vm38-200 part number. It's considerably shorter than the ZX9 ones I used to use .
  5. BruceD_500

    Yamaha TT500 XT500 SR500 FCR carb

    currently struggling a bit with jetting . 165 main and it shuts down at WOT . I've been up and down with jetting on the main with no real difference. I've checked the petcock and vents as well as float level ? wondering about the affects of my air box on that jet in the front of the carb ? Anyone have any ideas what effect that has if my air box is too restrictive ? this same set up pulls hard on a very similar engine build in my flattracker but with an open K&N . I guess mabe I'll try removing the air box ??
  6. BruceD_500

    drz 125 cam and big bore ?

    I have not run that exact combo. I've run that piston with a stock LT230 cam only. You would need to mock it up and check clearances ith some plasticine as you should with any piston and cam combo. My "GUESS" is you'll have clearance, that piston has a very low dome. Make sure they don't send you the flat top piston.
  7. BruceD_500

    Ktm 500

    take the choke plunger out and check the condition of the little rubber bit on the end of that plunger if it has a heavy groove or is cut it will act as if the choke is always on. Many of your symtoms fit this. Also you said you're in michigan ? There was a great KTM dealer in Waterford not sure if they are still there or not but if they are I would highly recomend them for this older stuff. Also , what carb is on that thing ? Mikuni or Keihin PWK ?
  8. BruceD_500

    Drz125L coil help

    Not sure what you mean by coil cord ? the wire going from the coil to the spark plug ? this shouldn't pull out from the coil . Also have you checked the valve lash ? this would also cause the same symtoms if you have a valve that is too tight .
  9. BruceD_500

    Yamaha TT500 XT500 SR500 FCR carb

    Thanks it's a work in progress haha
  10. BruceD_500

    Yamaha TT500 XT500 SR500 FCR carb

    Now I'm working on my daily driver dualsport version. 37mm FCR MX this one fits in quite well and no need to remove it for jetting either top or bottom of the carb , it just swivels in place nicely. Still working on some jetting issues with this one though it's got an idle stumble if you open the throttle too quickly. beyond that it runs realy well.
  11. BruceD_500

    97 DR200 "Light Weight" Woods Racer Build

    Can you post a pic of the muffler ? How did the shock work out ?
  12. BruceD_500

    97 DR200 "Light Weight" Woods Racer Build

    A few months back I purchased an 87 DR200 with plans of just pulling the engine . But I'm having second thoughts along the lines of what you're doing. The previous owner had already installed a USD fork and triples from a newer MX bike and it feels pretty good . The back shock is blown out though. So I may look for a rear shock that will compliment the front end. The whole bike is pretty rough though . I'll follow along here and see how you make out. Not many people spending the time to mod these 200's
  13. BruceD_500

    Yamaha TT500 XT500 SR500 FCR carb

    Ok finally got the jetting in the 37MM FCR verified to be correct. Made a few runs and they said I had it right. I thought it to be a bit lean down low so I've moved the needle up one spot.
  14. BruceD_500

    DRZ250 cylinder and piston kits

    What year is the bike ??
  15. BruceD_500

    Sunoco Race Fuels?

    the 110 leaded is called Sunoco Standard on the Sunoco site. I use that in my flat tracker. it seems to like it.