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    Dirt bikes, atv's, hunting, fishing, shooting.
  1. goatbrother

    Officer Essman at Jones Creek, WA

    I thought the helmet law only applied to street bikes ridden on the street, not to off road bikes and riding?
  2. goatbrother

    Hi-Yu Trail Mad River

    goatbrother, on 04 Sept 2013 - 12:15 M, said:Randy needs to retire, he is part of the reason Pyramid Peak got closed. "It looks as though you have never been involved in trail work around the Mad River trail system. Randy is a really good guy. We will be loosing a friend when he does retire." You know not to whom you speak about. Before I moved to Idaho 20 years ago I was heavily involved with the NMA fighting the greenies all over the state. I went to thoes meetings about Pyramid Peak and listened to Randy McLandrus justiying the closure. Meeting with the GP, Wenatchee and Mt Baker NF. Who do you think put in the blocks on Lake Cr trail? How many miles I packed a chainsaw. How many trails i worked on and built in the GP. I've been out there bustin may hump working for trails long before some of were wearing diapers. Why didn't Randy fight to keep Shetipo trail open to us? Why is the FS discoraging us from using the Anthum/Duncan trails? Is Randy realy our ally?
  3. goatbrother

    What goes here?!

    I ment inside the shaft so you could insert a bolt and pull the shaft out.
  4. goatbrother

    What goes here?!

    Might be the end of a shift fork shaft and is threaded to help with removal?
  5. goatbrother

    Hi-Yu Trail Mad River

    Haypress trail (Baumgardner) Wangdoodle trail (McCall) Devils Garden (Lead Ore)
  6. goatbrother

    Hi-Yu Trail Mad River

    Like Quartz Cr Trail? What time did we get back to the truck? 1am? Least we didn't spend the night out in the woods.
  7. goatbrother

    Hi-Yu Trail Mad River

    From the lake to maveric saddle is the way I went. Looked like it would have been more difficult the other way. I thought it looked like a shortcut on the map and wanted to get past Enduro Dean (slow poke spode whinny little beach) but I got back to the truck two hours latter than the spode's.
  8. goatbrother

    Hi-Yu Trail Mad River

    Randy needs to retire, he is part of the reason Pyramid Peak got closed.
  9. goatbrother

    Entiat Trail System

    We got screwed by the forest circus and polititions. It used to be open to us.
  10. goatbrother

    Hi-Yu Trail Mad River

    Also known as the F You trail. Haven't ridden it in over 20 years. It is not a short cut.
  11. goatbrother

    1979 yz400 power?

    Is the muffler plugged?
  12. goatbrother

    Wolverine - Who has seen one in the wild?

    Same people who said there are no WOLVES in Washington?
  13. goatbrother

    Wolverine - Who has seen one in the wild?

    My brother and I spotted 3 wolveriens prolly 15 years ago, moma and two cubs chasing marmots on the Foggy Dew trail. Stopped to take a photo but decided to take off when they turned and started running our way.
  14. goatbrother

    Riding around Rexburg, Idaho?

    The Big Hole Mountains se of the dunes.
  15. goatbrother

    Biggest factory flops

    Harley Davidson dirt bikes.