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  1. Yesterday I picked up a 1984 XL 500, alledgedly the head has a crack in it. (Have not checked for my self yet..) I wonder if any other Honda heads will fit? What about a 600 cylinder + head? Will that slip onto the 500 bottom end? Thankfull for any help I can get! Runar, Oslo, Norway
  2. byggern

    Let's see pics of your exotic bikes

    I need a new kick for my GasGas Ec 300 1999, does Yamaha kickers fit the GasGas? Which year and models can I use? Thanks!
  3. byggern

    1999 Gas Gas plastics, info please?

    No, I haven't.. I'll check it out, thanks a lot! Edit: I tried it, doesn't seem to work..
  4. I have tried google for replacement plastics for my Gas Gas EC 300, but to no avail.. Anyone got some leads on where to look for this? Bike is in Scandinavia, so I'd like to hear from european members also!
  5. byggern


    Very nice indeed! I'd say that bike is a true leftover. If you cant find any dirt, if the tires dont have any signs of wear, if there is no oil on your finger if you stick it in the silencer, then I feel it is safe to say the bike is new.. Hope you'll be allowed to take it home, we need some of these bikes in the hands of the young guns, can't let all the gems end up with old, rich collectors.. :-)
  6. byggern

    Let's see the 2-stroke WR's!!

    I'll fix that!
  7. byggern

    Finished Pics, 1985 Yamaha YZ125

    Painting plastic tanks is done by many vmx restorers these days. They use tanksealers inside the tank before painting, to prevent the paint from bubbeling. If done right, it works very well.
  8. byggern

    Mysterious WR 250

    Could it be this one:
  9. byggern

    Gasket kit for VOR?

    Thanks! I just sendt them an email. Got my engine apart yesterday, things were a little worse than expected; the conrod was bent.. Now I wonder what options I have when looking for a new one. I have two engines and two bent con rods. One is stock Vor and one is a Folan con rod. So obviously Folan delivers rods for these. If I only new how to get in touch witn Folan.. I would not be surprised if there are other options as well? Do any of you enthusiasts out there know of a serious dealer / manufacturer worth talking to? Thanks..
  10. byggern

    Vm 450

    Right you are! I see it now.. I must admit though: I really like that old 501 engine. Both the old Berg and the Husqvarna 4-strokers were very smooth engines! I still have a 1987 Husqvarna 510 and it puts a bigger smile on my face than my 650 Berg.. The Berg is brutal and explosive while the 510 behaves like an electric engine, pulling smooth from way down low. An old 510 or 501 Berg engine, with an oil pump for better lubrication could keep most of us happy for a long, long time..
  11. byggern

    Gasket kit for VOR?

    Any leads on where to start looking for a gasket kit for a VOR engine? (Belive it is called a "Vor 503") No luck on the bay..
  12. byggern

    Vm 450

    I love it! I can see an old 1985 Husqvarna swingarm, can't see the '98 Husaberg parts, thoug?
  13. byggern

    08 Scorpa T-Ride 250f

    You can check out some cool vids on youtube. The bike looks like a very good concept, in theory. I've heard that it is not as glorious in real life, though. That's all hear-say, I've never tried one, but I still hope to try one one day. Too bad the compay went out of business? (If I'm not mistaken?)
  14. byggern

    Husky History Lesson needed - good vintage?

    Sorry, I belive you are wrong. The WR and CR have different rear breaks, different frames, different front forks. The bike picktured have ALL the WR parts, so it is an original 1984 WR. Rear break: WR's have the stay arm bolted to the swing arm, the CR's is connected to the frame (floating system) Frame: WR have a rear frame loop behind the seat, the CR's frame is cut just behind the seat. The WR has one more frame tube under the engine, to function as a skid plate. The CR does not have this. Forks: The WR has shorter travel than the CR. The swedes belived that the bikes could run higher corner speeds with a lower senter of gravity. If you look closely at the lower fork legs, when you compare WR's and CR's, you'll notice that the forks stretch further down past the wheel bolt on the CR's. It is quite easy to notice, if you know what to look for..
  15. byggern

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Bike looks good, but isn't that frnt wheel off a 125? The first 125's had those smaller front hubs, I belive?