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  1. Stinez

    A few pictures of the Baja 1000 bikes

    I was there a day before the race. And the soil was fantastic.
  2. Stinez


    Do you know if his was the Husaberg with the Dakar style faring (white & red colors)? We saw one go by in the top 10 but I didn't get the number.
  3. Stinez

    Interesting Baja 1K Entry

    The Baja1K fun just got more interesting.
  4. Stinez

    Shark Fin Recommendation

    The Scotts for the 05 is different than the 06. They lowered the caliper and spread the pins just enough to make it different. Darn it!
  5. Stinez

    Baja 1000 Race Strategy

    We met those guys a dinner in Valle de la Trinidad on the Tuesday before the race. It's nice to see hopes and dreams come true. BTW- We work a pit at race mile 275ish and if you'll supply the goods and transport I'm somewhat sure that we can help. PM me and I'll get you in touch with fearless leader. :deal Edit- I helped a rider change goggles and in the process I found the secret to dust in the goggles. He used a little filter oil on the foam. It seemed to keep the fine dust out. :nod
  6. Stinez

    Off Road Tire

    I'm running the IRC VE-35 front and the Maxiss Desert IT rear. The IRC has never let me down in every condition, where as the rear isn't great in mud but more than makes up for it in the desert and in mileage. The sidewall on the Maxiss is VERY stiff so the plan for Sundays ride is to drop the pressure down a bit (14 to 12ish) and see if it's any better in the mud of Carnegie.
  7. Stinez

    Best Desert Bike?

    Back to the question. I'm the same size and do the desert as well. I went with the 06 WR450 with the tie-breaker being the price. :deal I have no idea about how you do the desert but I do know that most of the guys we ride with have gone the 4 stroke route. Because of the time spent at speed and because on a long loop the *tanker bikes become a lifeline. *650's with BIG tanks ridden by BIG guys. :wink Edit- I'll add that we saw two 2-strokes in Baja during the 1000. One racing and one that was with us that ended up on a trailer. :nod
  8. Stinez

    Promoto Billet for 06WR450

    I'm using the PMB insert on my 06 wr450f. I like the set-up because it's still within the legal noise limit while giving the motor some air. IMO The price and the potential noise isn't worth the slight power gain an aftermarket pipe gives because I'm not doing any serious racing. But that's just my story.
  9. Stinez

    Lost All Compression

    When's the last time you checked your valve clearance? That's were I'd start. Then I'd look at the intake rubber. (Did you find out where the gas is coming from?)
  10. Stinez

    wr 450 front disc guard?

    The 05 front Acerbis didn't work on my 06 because the mounting holes are WAY different. The same goes for the rear Scotts shark fin although it's just slightly different. (They lowered the calliper because it used to hit the pipe when it bottomed out) Both said they'd have it sorted out early this year.
  11. Stinez

    Correct chain tension?

    What kind of gearing allows you to average that kind of speed? How's the stability? As far as the chain go's. If it tightens up that much then that chain is shot. :nod
  12. Cool article with some great universal advise. The Worst Practise Error Don't practise what you like; don't practise what you do well. Practise your weaknesses to improve. Find something you can't do well eg. turning on a camber. Mark out a section that includes turning on a camber and practise it.
  13. Stinez

    Cornering (Sitting or Standing)

    It sounds like you're doing it right but instead of, or on top of, throwing the leg out put some added weight on that outside peg to push the bike into the ground. (It'll add grip) Then as you come out of the corner, under power, slide back on the seat to really make that driving tire dig in. All of this stuff takes practice so just keep playing and it'll come.
  14. Stinez

    Woods ridding and engine size

    IMO-It's easier and more satisfying to have power and not use it than to have too little power and wish for more. It sure would be nice to have one of each. But even then I know I’d ride the 450 more.
  15. Stinez

    Woods ridding and engine size

    That comment makes me think the 250 might suit you better because if you’re riding a bike as if it’s an on/off switch then the 250 will certainly be more forgiving. (Safer?) (Sorry if I read that wrong ) Beyond that the rest of your post sounds like you have a good understanding of what each size bike requires of you. So at this point I’d say that you need to decide which one suits your needs and which you can live with.