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  1. kingquad450

    strange noises

    My 2009 wr450 has started making a light growling or grinding noise when going down hills or in a coasting situation. When you pull the clutch in the sound goes away any ideas on what to look for?
  2. kingquad450

    Couple TTR250 questions...

    Yamaha does make a kick start kit for the ttr250. I got a 250 and wr450 big difference between the two. It was hard to ride the ttr after riding the 450 so I switched the ttr to street
  3. kingquad450

    ttr125l starting issue

    It still starts and runs but it makes it hard to start if he lays it over and it floods a little. Hot or cold it does the same thing
  4. kingquad450

    ttr125l starting issue

    No I had it for two years but it has done it since I got it.
  5. kingquad450

    ttr125l starting issue

    I have a ttr125 that when you try to start it either with the electric or kick starter, you can not give it any throttle, or the motor kicks back any ideas? I am thinking it may be a timing issue but unsure
  6. kingquad450

    Shot motor?

    I wouldn't get to worked up just yet. My wr426 always had shaving in the filter especially if it ran a little long on an oil change.It says you just got it makes me wonder how long its been since last oil change. The other thing to remember is the clutch and trans runs in the same oil so I think ou will see a little more shavings.
  7. What gearing is everyone using on a stock ttr250 I am just going to use it for street?
  8. kingquad450

    TTR 125LE starter motor going backwards! HELP!

    Hate to sound like a smart ace but are you sure the cable are hooked up right to the battery, not sure if that would cause your problem or not just don't go by the color make sure they have them going to the right place
  9. kingquad450

    01 426 WR overheating

    The only thing that worked for me was a fan, for riding behind a young rider I mean young riders. Tried rads, boysen pump helped but not enough to my liking.
  10. kingquad450

    what are the differences.....

    ok thanks guys
  11. kingquad450

    what are the differences.....

    so a 08 manual should do me fine for a 05
  12. kingquad450

    what are the differences.....

    between a 2005 ttr125 and a 2008 ttr125
  13. kingquad450

    insurance ?

    Last year I went in to get my shoulder operated on I called to check that the hospital was in network, then I find out the the people working in there was not in network so now they are charging me back what the insurance company said is not covered plus the increase in deductible. My question is should I have to pay the difference? I tried talking with them and all they are willing to due is put me on a payment plan. I feel that everyone working out of that hospital should except the same networks its the anesthesiologist for crips sake its not like you can have a surgery without them
  14. kingquad450

    My son cant touch the ground but I want him to ride w/out training wheels

    What I did on a ttr90 and the ttr125 was drilled a new hole for the upper shock mount on the rear
  15. kingquad450

    brake TANK, RESERVOIR Problems

    I talked to a friend of mine at the dealership he said to get one for a newer wr 450 -or 250 that is all in one then it does away with the plastic tank