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  1. cpr1

    KLX 300 gearing for dual-sport use?

    I'm running a 15-42 combo, and I do 90% off roading with it. Makes 1st and 2nd gear much more usuable in the woods, and still cruise at 65-70 with no problem.
  2. cpr1

    2009 KLX250S - Performance Mods

    That little bike has tons of potential. I've done a lot of modding to the KLX's at my shop. Everything from pipe and jet kits to big bore kits, porting, and cam work. Then there's the suspension end of it too....
  3. I just resently installed a set of 2001 KX500 forks on my 09 KLX250S and the difference is amazing. I revalved the rear shock with Race Tech hardware. But be forwarned, the KX fork swap required some machining and axle hardware to make it work.
  4. cpr1

    Pulled the trigger today!

    Congrats on the new bike! You're gonna love it!
  5. cpr1

    CR125 vs. YZ125

    I couldn't be happier with my modded CR125. It will outhandle a YZ125 all day long.
  6. cpr1

    FMF and PC pipe discount

    And that's why I went back to a 2 stroke!
  7. cpr1

    for all the 2000-2001 cr125 riders/owners

    Great story! I did some of the same mods to my 2001 CR125 along with making it a 134. I have set up for woods and it RIPS!!
  8. cpr1

    2000-01 cr 125

    I love my 2001 CR125(now a 134). I ride faster and longer in the woods and use less energy. The bike turns on a dime and I love the light weight.
  9. cpr1

    suspension work?

    Since you live in CA, you should get with Race Tech. They are a great company and have more suspension know-how than anybody else out there.
  10. Follow the Wiseco ring end gap, not the Honda spec. Wiseco ring end gaps have always been tighter. Better lasting top ends with more compression in the long run.
  11. cpr1

    Soon to be a CR144!

    Yes, offsetting the bore is what needs to be done in order for this to work. And yes, the combustion chamber is also machined to match the bore. The amount of offset has to be perfect in order for it work properly. Thanks for asking.
  12. cpr1

    Soon to be a CR144!

    Are you an motorcycle mechanic? Machinist? Engine builder?
  13. cpr1

    I'm thinking factory connection

    Depending on how far you want to go with the suspension. Between $450 to $600 is about what most riders spend at my shop.
  14. cpr1


    Moose makes both a lighting coil for your CR and they also sell a simple wiring harness w/recifier. I did it on my CR with good results.
  15. cpr1

    Soon to be a CR144!

    As you have recently seen me turn my 2001 Cr125 into a woods weapon CR134 with good success, it's now time to go the extra mile and make into a 144. In the past the most that could be done to the 01 CR125 bore is 57mm to make it a 139. Well, being an engine builder for almost 17 years, I figured out how to make it happen. It's going to require a little more machining on both the cylinder and head......but it can be done! Here comes 58mm!