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    2007 YZ450F Hot Rods crank/rod. New in the box.


  2. California

    Finally getting that sex change.
  3. Couple of labs found South of Stoddard at the end of the weekend. Other then dehydration and bloody paws, it said they were okay. They're at the AV Animal Shelter. Good luck to owners and pups. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1447380012243987/permalink/1726823370966315/?hc_location=ufi
  4. So many places for food and Ken chooses Denny's. http://www.mollybrownscountrycafe.com/
  5. California

    S12's are already on. Cold weather is time for sandy slots. JV in Feb-March.
  6. California

    They can "close it", but that doesn't mean I'll stop riding it. And after I ride it in the AM, I'm going to ride the Wilderness Area in the PM. :middlefingertoallpoliticians:
  7. Tubes with 8 and 10. I know, not optimum pairing, but I'm too old to try the tubliss crap.
  8. Just bought a DS with 606's. Not good at all. I'll stick with S12's.
  9. California

    That was few years back, I've put on a little weight since then. I'll go away again so you can have your last loser word now.
  10. California

    You must have Googled punctuation to figure that out.
  11. California

    I see you've made a lot of contributions also. Here's a shot of yourself for you.
  12. California

    Go away for 6 months and nothing has gotten better, and now we've got idiots debating powdercoating in the random PICTURE thread. Build your bike Mr Yankee, and post some pics, and you should have hit up Palmer to powder your frame, I hear he has a hook up.
  13. California

    My Warp 9 have had zero issues, unlike Excels that flat spot and crack at the seam repeatedly. If you buy the complete set, they also come with a killer warranty.
  14. California

    Not sure that looks like fun.