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  1. That doesn’t really matter. I gifted it to a buddy who is going through less fortunate times. Him and his brother were more than ecstatic.
  2. Yes I could see you getting stuck in wet grass in that big old thing. You just have to not be an idiot, tons of places in Spangler tons of places in Johnson Valley and a few spots with no crowds that I won’t mention.
  3. Yes, there will be less spots I will be able to get into, let alone feel comfortable with. But there are still enough on the list.
  4. just stepped up to the life of diesel pushers. Haven’t hooked it up for pictures with the trailer and bikes, but this is a definite upgrade from the POS I now have to get rid of.
  5. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Cool Husky shot. You need a pano to get all the crap there now.
  6. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I retired from Team, and you don't need TT to see bewbs.
  7. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Sorry, lot's of cool pictures, but we need bewbs.
  8. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Probably a liquor store across the parking lot too.
  9. timoyz1


    $150 in steel, or $300 in aluminum, and about three hours labor. Or you could always just make two trips with the truck and trailer for this time until you continue to shop.
  10. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I've been running Warp9's for 10+ years, and never have had a rim failure. I don't know if running the HD spokes from Buchanan makes a difference, but a front Excel rim has the life expectancy of twenty minutes after unloading into the Dez with my fat ass in the saddle. Also not sure if it's still going or not, but it used to be when you would buy a complete wheel from them, it had a lifetime warranty.
  11. timoyz1

    Mohard Racing in business?

    Couple months my ass. I'm looking for a set for a steel framed 2004 WR, if anyone has a set they would like to off. I've given up on them starting back up.