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  1. Am I the only one who is puzzled by taking your bike to the shop for a spark arrestor? Sounds like the riders now a days, need to be driven out by the Popo.
  2. I don't discriminate on where I ride. Fort Irwin has some killer areas too. That was aimed at ERIC that says that JV sucks and is wide open.
  3. Then camp at The Buttes or Anderson and ride Checkers Ridge and get back with us.
  4. Owner found. It's the guy who owns the property in Spangler. They pretty much cleaned him out. My theory of 3 bikes was probably wrong. They went out the back of his property with his quad pulling his landscape trailer, probably on top of the ridge, and the bag bounced out. Lost his KTM also, so far only the empty trailer showed up somewhere near Ridgecrest.
  5. If not 107%.
  6. Lots of compression shorts. Come over and have at it.
  7. Back to a tough schedule to fit in with everyone, and started another home project so I'm not sure when I'll be out. Next week is looking prime with all the rain forecast for this week. I'll have to sweet talk someone to cover for me Saturday after start up.
  8. Personally, no. That's pretty much all my Brother and work buddy Darren rode while I was in hiatus.
  9. Holy Shat! There's a Molly Browns right close to, I think I need to move.
  10. Yeah, I posted there as well. Their club officers did a blanket email to all their members, still no luck. Put your name in your helmet and your gear bag everyone, just sayin. There's also a LA Marathon 2013 shirt in there also, if that helps jog anyone's memory that She's a runner type.
  11. How does that compare to The Spring House? Fauck the ride, I'm a fat ass and am all about the food.
  12. One last bump. If anyone is in the BBTR, spread the word to the ladies. Multiple items lean that way.
  13. I know that this has taught me to put my name and phone number in my gear bag, and when I upgrade the lid, my name will go in that also. It's someone in BBTR from the looks of some of the contents. Their club officers were very helpful, but there were still no results.