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  1. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I retired from Team, and you don't need TT to see bewbs.
  2. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Sorry, lot's of cool pictures, but we need bewbs.
  3. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Probably a liquor store across the parking lot too.
  4. timoyz1


    $150 in steel, or $300 in aluminum, and about three hours labor. Or you could always just make two trips with the truck and trailer for this time until you continue to shop.
  5. timoyz1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    I've been running Warp9's for 10+ years, and never have had a rim failure. I don't know if running the HD spokes from Buchanan makes a difference, but a front Excel rim has the life expectancy of twenty minutes after unloading into the Dez with my fat ass in the saddle. Also not sure if it's still going or not, but it used to be when you would buy a complete wheel from them, it had a lifetime warranty.
  6. timoyz1

    Mohard Racing in business?

    Couple months my ass. I'm looking for a set for a steel framed 2004 WR, if anyone has a set they would like to off. I've given up on them starting back up.
  7. timoyz1

    Johnson Valley Questions

    Am I the only one who is puzzled by taking your bike to the shop for a spark arrestor? Sounds like the riders now a days, need to be driven out by the Popo.
  8. timoyz1

    Johnson Valley Questions

    I don't discriminate on where I ride. Fort Irwin has some killer areas too. That was aimed at ERIC that says that JV sucks and is wide open.
  9. timoyz1

    Johnson Valley Questions

    Then camp at The Buttes or Anderson and ride Checkers Ridge and get back with us.
  10. Owner found. It's the guy who owns the property in Spangler. They pretty much cleaned him out. My theory of 3 bikes was probably wrong. They went out the back of his property with his quad pulling his landscape trailer, probably on top of the ridge, and the bag bounced out. Lost his KTM also, so far only the empty trailer showed up somewhere near Ridgecrest.
  11. timoyz1

    Ypl Saturday the 10th

    If not 107%.