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  1. Can you please take a picture of the pilot jet that's in there now? thanks
  2. Check it! Looks like they are back in business, and things have changed, man.
  3. arkansaw mx

    We went back, I wussed out again. I made the jump that Scoops was making, in the back, finally... but that uphill step up jump, dang it's big and I'm scared. Seriously logic says just go for it, it has a nice takeoff, and I know what it takes, I just can't seem to will myself to huck it. That seems how it goes, I wuss out over and over, and finally just do it or I don't. The one in the back that just Scoops was making was freaky, it's blind, don't know why that matters, but it was scary too.
  4. arkansaw mx

    We did, hardly anyone was there. I don't know if some stuff was made smaller, but it seemed like that uphill stepup was within reach. I wussed out, but it seemed like it could have been in the cards, I just wasn't quite sure that day. The sun wasn't out most of the day, so the dirt held moisture, it was perfect, pretty much zero dust. Give the place a try if it's been awhile, fun place to ride.
  5. We had a great time at Arkansaw MX. The track was slightly different, and the dirt was awesome. However, the grass has grown up, and if you aren't familiar, there is a dangerously big pit to the left of the second set of whoops. I slid off the track, off to the left of the whoops. I didn't hurry to get back on, it was slippery, I was going to meander back over... when I found the pit. Watch my faceplant here: It's right after the 4 minute mark. Be careful out there!
  6. ooooh dang, already losing traction here... I checked out the Mankato District 23 open practice; Vet/Women class:
  7. oops, missed last weekend, went to Seattle...
  8. Back at the same track it was cutting out at, it was not this time! It ran strong, pulled hard, life is good. I did end up going a half a clip richer on the needle; so I am 1/2 clip richer than stock on the needle, 172 main, 42 pilot. Again, no complaints about the top end signing off, but maybe I'm just not the kind of person who likes to rev the heck out of it and leave it up there. I didn't notice any top end sign off issues at my skill level. There was no scent of burning Yamaha, seems to not be running hot (however, this time it was 90 degrees!). It might run hot if the temps get cooler, we'll have to wait and see... but for now, I'm leaving the jetting alone. I might one day take her to the dyno and really see where I'm at, if the local shop has a sale on dyno time or whatever. Coolant seems to be staying now too, either it has decided to stick around, or is leaking so slowly there is no obvious difference in level.
  9. Meadow Valley is closed for open riding Sunday, because, as I understand it, the hare scramble will use the moto track! Must race to ride on Sunday. See you in the heat tomorrow, my brothers and sisters of the dirt.
  10. You are correct! I see that now too. Any idea why? Any other open riding people know about? I think Kellogg has open practices going on now too...?
  11. The 172 main seemed fine, but it was at a different track, so more testing is required. It didn't cut out at all, but the temps were warmer as well, making the mixture richer even if I hadn't gone up 1/4 size on the main. I'm at the stock needle clip position; might actually play with 1/2 clip richer on the needle just to see, but otherwise I'm very happy, it's running great. Maybe slightly hot still, but hard to tell, it was hot out. I am running a Leo Vince 94 dB enduro pipe with spark arrestor installed, MN, 85-fricken-degrees. She's still holding coolant, life is good again so far.
  12. This weekend of June 10th, we have: District 23 MX is Cambridge and Kellogg No enduro, but you should be getting ready for the Mora Enduro on Sunday June 18th (17th for youth) Hare Scrambles are at Meadow Valley on Sunday, June 11th Open Motocross Arkansaw, WI (I think? call before you haul or whatever Meadow Valley Saturday... June 11th is supposed to be the Hare scramble! I have no idea what that means.
  13. yah the formatting didn't go as well, I mentioned that here: Off-Road has the Huntersville Enduro on Sunday June 4th (3rd for youth).
  14. This weekend of June 3rd, we have: District 23 MX is a real treat this weekend, wherever you go. Brookston, which I've heard great things about being fun and all, and Mora, which I know is a fun track! Echo Valley Motocross in Brookston ( and Berm Benders in Mora ( I don't think you can go wrong with either. Motokazie has their series going on; as a practice-only kinda rider, I will be enjoying this Saturday's Jordan, MN practice on their newly expanded and laid out, widened track. This is the last "Saturday practice" that goes from 11-3 until August! This track is close to the west metro, and great fun. Off-Road has the Huntersville Enduro on Sunday June 4th (3rd for youth). Also a hare scramble will be the following weekend at Meadow Valley on Sunday, June 11th. Open Motocross Practice Arkansaw, WI Meadow Valley Trails Any updates from people in the know? thanks, have another great weekend!