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  1. Vass

    New KLX300 and Intro

    Just finished putting in new Racetech springs and Gold valves. Near 100 today. Probably wait until it's a little cooler outside before I get to really test them out. =)
  2. Vass

    07 klx fender swap

  3. Vass

    07 klx fender swap

    You can make just about any front fender work. The rest of the body parts off a KLX450 won't fit. Side panels, rear fender etc. are all different. I have an 09 front on mine.
  4. Vass

    Better shifting, Star Mod.

    The first star I put on my other bike worked great. I have no doubts this one will to.
  5. Vass

    Better shifting, Star Mod.

    Great service from a great member. Thanks for all you do Co Kid.
  6. Alright thanks guys. Next time I have the carb apart I'll be sure to clean that pilot out. I appreciate the help.
  7. Sorry I know there are a ton of these. I've read through most of them but I am still a little confused. Details: 2007 KLX300 at sea level Air box lid off Uni airfilter FSW header FMF PC4 Dynojet kit 128 main, 35 pilot, needle in 3 from top. mixture screw 2 turns out. The problem is when it is cold it has a terrible off idle bog. Once it is fully warmed up it seems to run great. I tried tuning the mixture screw via the method in the sticky and the RPM's don't start to go up until 3 turns out or more. Usually more. Should I try changing my pilot jet? Should I just not worry about it since it only seems to an issue when cold? Am I losing power when warm from idle to 1/4 throttle and don't even know it? Any help or suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  8. Vass

    The Single Best DRZ 400 Headlight Upgrade

    Ordered two of the Chinese knockoffs in white. One for my DRZ and one for my KLX300. I haven't wired them up yet and I'll have to figure out how to mount it on the DRZ but they look great. They raised the price from $15 to $20 and shipping is still $12. But for $32 a headlight they are still dirt cheap. Shipping took 2 1/2 weeks. Not bad considering they came from China
  9. Vass

    Pardon Me...

  10. Vass

    Truck Bed Tent

    yeah single mattress is what I was speaking of. Mine fit between the wheel wells too
  11. Vass

    Truck Bed Tent

    Mine is very similar to the one in the video. It's like any other tent it doesn't retain heat very well at all. Twin size mattress fit perfect in my truck just like the video. My air mattress took up the whole floor of the truck/tent so I am not sure where you would put that heater.
  12. Vass

    New KLX300 and Intro

    Picked up this 2007 on Thursday night. It only has 36 miles on it. Will likely transfer over all my parts from the 2004 and sell the 2004.
  13. Vass

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    That's pretty cool. Planning to make more?