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  1. rob1980

    2011 klx450r

    well, Kawasaki Australia have released details of our KLX450R for 2011, no real changes except losing black rims and decals... Would be good to get an injected engine though.
  2. rob1980

    any aussies?

    Hi, started on here years ago near the start of thumpertalk but been away from it. Currently in SE Queensland near Ipswich. Riding a WR 250F ATM
  3. rob1980

    Fuel in Australia

    I usually use PULP, Mobil or Caltex. Had to use ULP the other day and noticed a little rougher idling so stay away from it now.
  4. Nope. I removed mine ages ago because they were rubbing the fork protector plastic up really bad. Fork protectors are fine without them.
  5. rob1980

    01 wrf250

    Hi thommo. Have u tried dropping the needle a notch? Maybe its started to run a little rich? Other than that I am not sure, these things are finicky to jet at times. So where in Aus. are you from? Rob.
  6. rob1980

    CRF250R is official

    Yep it sure looks great, but I have enough faith in knowing the Yamaha product will always be just as good if not better!
  7. Like I said earlier, it wasn't a new model YZ, none were sold that far back. It was a current model with a big bore kit. They even had YZ 450f stickers made up for the back guard. I saw them at a dealer near me, it was just the current model with a bigger bore and YZ 450f stickers. I can't see Australia getting them that early and actually selling them way before they were even released publicly.
  8. rob1980

    Guess who is trying aluminum frames?

    Yep even though they have been around for a while they still look freat, especially the quality around the steering head area.
  9. rob1980

    Attention YZf250, 426, 450 and WR owners

    The fact is, racing bike or not, it should be built strong enough to hold together for 15 hours. It is definately a mechanical fault for sure. This guy has asked a realistic and sensible question and you guys just bag him. Geez give it a rest. And how can you say he should look after it? Sounds like he did to me. [ August 09, 2002: Message edited by: rob1980 ]
  10. rob1980

    Attention YZf250, 426, 450 and WR owners

    First I have heard, both my WR's kickstarts have been bulletproof. Have heard of problems after guys not starting them properly by kicking them thru compression without the decomp, eventually damaging them. User error, especially ones straight off 2 strokes Strange. Anyone else had a similar thing on here? [ August 02, 2002: Message edited by: rob1980 ]
  11. rob1980


    Yeah thats right Daveee, usually when purchasing under finance you need a receipt of payment of comprehensive insurance. If you were only borrowing a small amount, maybe you could get away with a personal loan, but suffer from higher interest rates. Might be some exceptions out there, but I have never found them. Its just like when you buy a house, the bank wants it insured.
  12. rob1980

    2003 KX500

    Honda Australia advertised the CR 500 in 2001 as the final year of production, stating "get it before they go altogether." This year they released it with a headlight, indicators, chainguard, sidestand and longer muffler etc so u can legally register it! Thats right, you can now fly down to the local shops in Australia to get the groceries on your street legal CR 500. Yamaha did a similar thing with the YZ 250.
  13. My AP squirt on my 250 was just hitting the slide, so I adjusted it so it just misses the slide when you give it a good twist. Definately doesn't start at half throttle. Rob
  14. rob1980


    yeah show and go import keihin parts, so if anyone can help they will. They can't get leak jets but give them a go with the air jets, might get lucky. Usually are friendly and good service too. Yeah they have heaps of mains, as the mains in the FCR's they import are the same as the ones on the YZ/WR's Good luck. Rob
  15. rob1980

    wr in the slow stuff

    When I lived in QLD I used to ride my 250 in hot summers days over 40 degrees and had zero overheating in the tight stuff. Just don't let the bike idle too long while standing still, keep the overflow tank if you are really worried and all will be fine! Rob