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  1. If I need a tool to cut up or modify, then I'll go craftsman. Using them everyday I'll still stick with Scrap-Iron.(Snap on) having them come to me every week to replace broken ones is much more convenient.
  2. https://whatismybrowser.com/w/XYK7KD2
  3. CQR

    Denver Supercross

    Received my tix in the mail yesterday. We're in section 107.
  4. The SXS market has killed the Sport ATV market. Follow the money. ATVmx was never as big as the recreational rider that wanted something fun that they could blast down the trails or in the sand. Now it's morphed into being able to ride with the family in the same vehicle. At least here locally. The ATV turnout at the Motorcycle club promoted Ice races here are huge. but you can't get those "racers" to show up at a summer race event because they are out on the trails. As far as resale on the sport 450's, I would never have expected my 12 year old LTR's to be fetching more than 50% of MSRP when sold new. But they are. I'll hang on to mine and race them in our HS series but there really in no MX tracks on the front range of Colorado that allows then except for race day. So we'll ride our Beta's too
  5. CQR

    Denver Supercross

    Yeah, Kinda gutsy on their part. But a little snow never hurt anyone.
  6. Well looks like Supercross is coming back to Colorado. Just released. https://racerxonline.com/2018/09/18/the-list-2019-monster-energy-supercross-schedule
  7. I got a set of your ratchet straps, Some Bungee cords and a couple tire gauges. I've only had a chance to use a Bungee and one strap so far. I like the molded head on the bungee way better than the other style that folds the cord and either knots or uses a staple to hold it in. The warranty is great but I doubt I'll need it. The glow in the dark gauge is great for low light scenario's. One thing that would work better for me would be if one gauge would be 0-50psi for my passenger car stuff and the other instead of stopping at 75psi would go to 80 or 100 psi for truck and trailer applications. The rubber cover will protect it in case I drop it. All items look top quality.
  8. Drove through Morrison when I was in town in July. Quite the little hipster hangout now! And crowded!

    Hope the shop is doing well. I'd have stopped by to say hello, but it was after hours.

    1. CQR


      Dang, I woulda bought you a PBR. Yeah Colorado in general is getting really crowded real fast.  Shop sucks, Life, Sucks, But we're still plugging along.  Thanks for the words.



    2. Bryan Bosch

      Bryan Bosch

      Yeah, I noticed how much busier the whole place felt. But, still nice coming back to see friends and enjoy cooler temps. We spent several days in and between both Aspen, Telluride, Estes, and RM National Park. Always gorgeous. I get to envy your sucky life from flatlanderville!

  9. CQR

    Jeff Alessi recent Facebook post

    So this is his retirement letter?
  10. CQR

    No updating of new posts

    @Brian Wilson It seems to just be the Team Forum that is acting up.
  11. CQR

    No updating of new posts

    Nope. Doesn't help. After replying to a topic, it also shows this. And this is what Brick wrote in the Shoutbox threade, so it's a bunch of us that are having issues.
  12. CQR

    No updating of new posts

    Nope. Doesn't help. After replying to a topic, it also shows this. And this is what Brick wrote in the Shoutbox threade, so it's a bunch of us that are having issues.
  13. Last night the site stopped updating for new posts. and it's wonky when trying to reply to a thread. This is the second time it's done it. It did it a week or two ago as well.
  14. CQR

    Rampart Conditions?

    Just a FYI. Burning ban in Dougco. http://www.dcsheriff.net/sheriffs-office/divisions/emergency-management/fire-restrictions/
  15. CQR

    Show me your...BETA !

    Mrs. CQR and I had a real good time yesterday. She got a pinch flat headed in so we only rode as long as I had co2 cartridges left to get us out.