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  1. live_to_ride

    Utah Riders: Hobble Creek - Aug. 12

    I'll go with you if I don't go to Grand Junction. Give me a call tomorrow night and I'll know. If I don't answer, then I'm gone to Co.
  2. There is still much left to be done. Anyone up for another one this year?
  3. Howdy all. I've decided to sell my buddy bike because it just sits here and none of my friends have any time to go riding. I got it a year ago and it's in really good shape. You can check out the details here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=15012 I'm asking 1400 for it.
  4. live_to_ride

    Local mountain singletrack DAMAGED!

    I could make it on the 29th.
  5. live_to_ride

    Local mountain singletrack DAMAGED!

    I know. I sent an e-mail off to AJP to see who could help. He also knows about the damage and now we're working on getting a crew together to go and fix the trails. Yes, the trails are near SLC.
  6. live_to_ride

    Local mountain singletrack DAMAGED!

    You punks here this? Here is someone who doesn't even live here, has probably never even ridden on these trails, and he is willing to help. I'm working on getting in touch with someone who has trail maintenance experience and I'll post when that happens.
  7. live_to_ride

    Local mountain singletrack DAMAGED!

    One thing we did when I was up there with the UTMA was to throw logs down in the ruts to fill them. It worked well from what I could tell. I'm with you though. I don't claim to know what is the best way to fix this. I am just offering my help to fix it and work on the trails in general. I'm sure you've heard me saying for a long time that I would like to go up there and make some improvements to the trails.
  8. live_to_ride

    Local mountain singletrack DAMAGED!

    Eric, while I completely agree with you, there is no way to avoid riding through it if you're past the point of no return. All we can do now is go back and fix it. We're all good at complaining, but who is willing to do more than complain? Who is willing to actually go up there with shovels and fix the damn thing? I am, but I'm not going by myself.
  9. live_to_ride

    Any Utah guys want to go riding next weekend?

    Sorry for the confusion, Alan. I did mean that the current condition of some of the trails sucks. Most of the trails are AWESOME trails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is one trail I personally don't like, third water. Too much boulder/rock/stream crossing and falling down into the ravine for me. I love riding up there more than anywhere else I've ever been, but yes, riding through a tire-width rut that is filled with mud and having no other place to go sucks. That isn't riding. It's just getting the bike to the next spot I can ride. There are a lot of spots like that on the Center Trail, especially farther to the south. FYI, we spent a lot of time sawing logs and lifting/sliding them off of the trail. We spent a good portion of our ride clearing trails and getting totally exhausted in the process.
  10. I would like to go camping and riding down in Joe's Valley over the July 4th weekend if anyone else will go with me. I have a pretty big tent with room for at least two more people. Joe's Valley is just outside of Orangeville and Castledale, and south of Price about 60 miles. There are a few nice trails that I know of, but it is also a lot of dirt road riding. I've been told that there are a lot more trails, called the Arapeen trail system and I'd like to explore more of it. Here is a link to a map: http://www.arapeenatvjam.org/images/arapeen_trail_map.jpg It is almost all high mountain riding, but there is some desert-like stuff too. Skyline Drive is a really scenic ride at around 10,000 feet asl. I haven't been down there in about 4 years and I miss it a lot. My friends and I used to go down there all the time. It looks like there are more trails farther south, so we could also camp by Ferron Reservior or somewhere. If anyone is interested, post up!!
  11. live_to_ride

    Any Utah guys want to go riding next weekend?

    Here we go again. Who's up for a ride up to Hobble Creek on Saturday or Sunday? Anyone? There are some trails that suck, others that are ok, and still others that are actually good. Let's go!!!!!!
  12. live_to_ride

    Do we have any Utah thumpettes here?

    Two years later and I'm still looking. I hope no one takes offense at me checking in here every other year or so. lol Here's a link to for anyone who might be interested: http://www.match.com/profile/showprofile.aspx?ortp=1&TP=U&uid=k1QfawH4%2bOMnYuvdPcfD6w%3d%3d&lid=21 I hope each and every one of you ladies knows how incredibly special you are!
  13. live_to_ride

    Any Utah guys want to go riding next weekend?

    Yes. She and her daughters race mx. I haven't even met her yet though. She will probably blow me off like all the rest do. They usually don't care if you're a good person, only if you're good looking and have lots of money. Then they wonder why they get hurt and cheated on and get divorced.... and then they go out and make the same mistake again.... get divorced again... blah blah blah... I REALLY hope this one is not like that. She is old enough to know better by now. She is significantly older than I am, but it's WAY worth it for the kind of girl that I hope she is. I guess I am a die hard bachelor, but it isn't by choice any more. lol
  14. live_to_ride

    Any Utah guys want to go riding next weekend?

    Hey Greg- can you go on Friday instead? A girl has invited me to watch her race this weekend ( ) and I really want to go!!!!!!!!!!! Friday would work out much better!!!!