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  1. alarmin

    She needs a kick stand, but which one?

    I have the pro moto billet on my '06 crf450r and I love it, however, I wish it was just a little shorter. I have to find, or make, a little divot for the kickstand or she'll topple over.
  2. alarmin

    Cal City mining tower

  3. alarmin

    shock linkage bearings

    Mine did come with lower shock bearings. I had a local shop press out the old bearings. I put the new bearings in myself using the 2 socket method and a large bench vice. Thanks to all for your help.
  4. alarmin

    shock linkage bearings

    2 answers and they're both different. Has anyone done this on an '06 450R? Honda said they'd press them out for $15, but sometimes it's not just the money, it's the challenge..... Or should I just get my head out of my a$$ and pay the $15????
  5. alarmin

    shock linkage bearings

    I've searched until my vision got blurry and my laptop battery is almost dead. I picked up an '06 450r for a good price knowing it needed some tlc. The bearings in the shock link need to be replaced. Two of the bearings are side by side and I need to get them out. I've read that you can push them both out at the same time, BUT I've also read that you can't because there is a lip or it is tapered inbetween the bearings so they can't be pressed out on the same side. So the $64,000 question is..... (1) Can I use the 2 socket and threaded rod method and press both bearings out together? (2) Do I need a blind hole bearing puller to remove the bearings? (3) Can I use a punch from the opposite side to tap them out? (doesn't sound like this method won't gouge up the link though)
  6. alarmin

    Police investigate me =(

    We've all seen the pd abuse power. In high school my buddy and I were tackled by 2 off duty Sheriff's because we were walking down the street where 2 kids an hour earlier were f'n around with some ladies xmas decorations. I've seen the CHP pull off the freeway, with full lights and sirens, roll the red light, and pull into the donut shop where his CHP buddies were waiting. There are a lot of LAPD officers that live where I do, and it is not part of their patrol area. So when you see the bike officers on the freeway they are commuting to or from work. ALL of them are doing 80 - 100 mph, and they'll never get a ticket. Now, to disobey an officer's orders, or to just be a plain old d!ck to an officer just because is just plain stupid. And, you might as well paint a bullseye on your helmet because that officer and all of his buddies will go out of their way to ruin your day. Lastly, I also have a Harley and my daughter just bought a GSXR600 and the first thing I told her is you can be doing 70 in a 65 on your gixxer and all the other cars can be doing 75, and the gixxer is going to get the ticket, it's just a fact of life.
  7. alarmin

    Police investigate me =(

    I don't care what he, or you, think of me. I'm not the idiot posting stupid videos, and don't pretend you know me and say the problem hasn't come to me. I went back and watched the whole video to give the OP a chance, since you seem so die hard to find the OP right. It didn't help. The OP even tells the cop he's been pulled over many times for the same thing, so get it fixed. Some people just want to get a rise. I Googled the word "Troll" just for you and the OP "troll One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument". You and the OP should hook up, the two of you could keep yourselves occupied for quite some time. You'll love this quote "You cannot talk your way out of problems you behaved your way into". When the OP finds his way into handcuffs, or worse, because he feels like being an ass, you can remind him he did it too himself. Wow! here's 20 minutes of my life I just pissed away!!!
  8. alarmin

    Police investigate me =(

    I usually skip this kind of sh!t and I didn't watch much of the video. You are a D!CK and I'll leave it at that!
  9. alarmin

    GPS 2013 CRF450R

    I have the same GPS and I'm also using a ram mount on my XR400. I like having a GPS as a security blanket. I can, and have, used it to mark locations of co-riders who ran out of gas, or have gotten flats. Once I found a Craftsman 5 gal air tank in perfect condition (only needed a new schrader valve), marked it's position on my GPS and returned with my truck. I plan to get a ram mount for my CRF450 too.
  10. alarmin

    Weird WOT issue

    Maybe dumb, but worth a post. Gas cap vent??? Plugged inline fuel filter if you have one? Plugged petcock?
  11. alarmin

    Throttle Cable Snapped

    I found a picture of Dirt Racer No wonder the cable broke. I've been riding for 30 years and never snapped a cable, however, I have seen cables start to look bad at the ends where the fittings are and exposed to the elements.
  12. alarmin

    rear shock trouble

    I had my shock rebuilt by my local Honda dealer. When I put it back on my bike and tried it, it was a pogo stick (it would've killed me). I brought it back to the dealer and when I picked it up the head mechanic he said he had his new guy rebuild my shock and he had put something in upside down. Now I have never opened my shock but I'm 99% sure he said it was a shim that was upside down, however, I don't believe there are shims inside the shock.
  13. alarmin

    valve rocker is loose

    Ditto on what Wild Alaskan said.
  14. Never tried your setup. Return everything you just bought, now go buy a Uni filter with cage. Definitely don't want to run any setup that lets dirt get by.
  15. alarmin

    01 XR400R Impossible to get jetted right,...

    Uni customer support worthless???? Who cares, it's an air filter. I'm just sayin. I'm running Uni in all 4 of my dirt bikes.