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  1. makKX250

    Husqvarna CR65 motor?

    I could hope it is an 85cc motor. My boy is ready to replace his KX65 with something with more kick.
  2. makKX250

    Brian Shuckhart is My Hero!!! (two-stroke)

    I thought they could run a 144 2t in the 250 class? It still wouldn't be a 250 4t killer though but it would help.
  3. I've been racing xc and gp and wear a bionic II. I have had some pretty good crashes and walked away pretty much unhurt. Two years ago I crashed really hard (cased a double) at an arenacross track and really think I may not be walking today if it wasn't for the spine protection. I went over the handlebars and the bike flipped and landed on me. It tore my jersey and malformed the spine protector right between my shoulder blades. I was happy to walk away from that one after I woke up from my dirt nap.
  4. makKX250

    04 cr-125 quit

    Could the crank angle sensor be going bad?
  5. makKX250

    2011 WR150 coming

    Even the KTM 150 is only 143.6 cc.
  6. makKX250

    Lowering '04 KDX 220

    There is a way to lower forks by modifying the internals. I'm asking if anyone has done that with a KDX and would want to share the information. I guess I should have posted this in the suspension forum. My bad.
  7. makKX250

    Lowering '04 KDX 220

    A friend who is a little bit vertically challenged needs to lower his '04 KDX a 1-2 inches. He has already shaved the seat down to almost FMX level. He is going to try a lowering link for the rear but we have no clue how to do the forks. Does anyone have any information or a "how to" document on the correct way to lower the forks? I don't want "just remove the spacer" or "just cut the springs" as I don't see that as the correct way to do it. But maybe I'm wrong...
  8. makKX250

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    I have never seen anybody say that a wheel with Tubliss is lighter after you add slime. But I have seen claims that it is lighter then the tube it replaces. Adding slime into the mix is like me saying "Why is my bike heavier when I'm on it?"
  9. makKX250

    How many hours do you get on a bottom end ?

    I use the Trail Tech Endurance computer (http://trailtech.net/endurance.html) but you can find hour meters (http://trailtech.net/tto_hourmeter.html) for under $30.
  10. makKX250

    Good spark only in revers???!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZbgUPvcW1s Sorry for the hijack
  11. makKX250

    new helmet

    And I know from personal experience you can get repair parts (visors, etc) from scorpion. They repair parts are pretty cheap also - the last visor I replaced cost me $14 shipped.
  12. makKX250

    Good spark only in revers???!!!

    I had a Hodaka Dirt Squirt that I stalled on a steep hill and with the small amount of compression it rolled backward just fast enough to start backwards. I ended up in a pile at the bottom but it taught us we could start the bike by pushing it backwards and then try to ride it. Those were the days....
  13. makKX250

    SST SIlencer/Speark Arrestor

    FMF Q or Turbin Core II both have a USFS approved spark arrestor. The Q is quieter. You should be able to order one and have it in a few days. http://www.fmfracing.com/Mode/Bike/2000_KAWASAKI_KX250?PFinder=Silencers
  14. makKX250

    kx100 fail pics

    Looks like you (or the PO) don't use distilled water in the coolant.
  15. makKX250

    KDX 125 engine failure

    On an old air cooled bike (yes I'm that old) that had the rings welded to the cylinder I had to remove the engine, place a block of wood under each side of the cylinder and used a hammer and another block of wood in the bore to beat the piston out. I took a couple of good hits and the piston was out.