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  1. gottaroost

    Thoughts on a 04 KTM 200 EXC?

    I love the 200's...probably not as deeply as gmoss, but gettin there!! I have had a 2005 200EXC, a 2002 200EXC, and now have a 2001 200EXC. Each time I have owned one and sold it, I wind up getting another one sooner or later. Very fun bike to ratchet in and out of trouble. I am 210# on a skinny day, and this thing takes me up some nasty climbs without an insult. It does not have the raw energy of my KTM 250, but it does what is needed. I bought this other 200 so I could have something for buddies, but more importantly, have something for our rough, boulder-ridden riding parks. I didn't pay much for this current 200 so if anything happens to it, I am not out too much $$. I honestly liked my 2002 better than the 2005, and in fact tried reaching the guy I sold it to after realizing what a great bike it was but he was long gone.
  2. gottaroost

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I am trying to buy some closeout boots and wondering if anyone has a code for this that works today? Thanks
  3. gottaroost

    Clutch drag hurting starter?

    I try to find neutral anytime I can. Sometimes you are in a pinch and have to be in gear for a quick start. Mine lurches then tooand it is always pretty hard to push in gear, clutch in, motor off.
  4. gottaroost

    2003 Ktm 200exc

    You don't have to remove the carb. Just unscrew the cap as you noted. I always loosened the rubber boot screws and slightly rotated the carb top towards myself to make it easier to do. Also used a hemostat to hold the spring and retainer piece in place when putting it back together. You can do it in a small matter of minutes once you know the drill.
  5. gottaroost

    Tough decision

    I paid $1000 for a 2002 400EX a few years back...it was a great machine and only rarely did I ever wish I had reverse, certainly not enough to pay double the price at that time to get an '05 or newer for reverse. It made plenty of power and the P.O. had put a wider axle on there which made it a bit more stable. Also had a Warrior 350 early 2000's model and maybe it was just mine, but it never treated me as well as the EX in handling and response. Yes it did have 6 speeds and reverse, but it was possibly before they started calling them Raptors so maybe something better was happening when they became Raptors. I have 2 Raptor 250's and Raptor 700. These were bought on the extreme cheap and occasionally I see desperation ads for both. These things crowd me out of my garage, but I can't bring myself to sell any of them. So believe it or not, all the folks who have ridden these machines, the 250's are the ones that everyone wants to ride, no matter how tall or short, or young or old. Even though they are small, the 250's are just a hoot on the trails. Almost forgot to mention, that for $800 for an EX, you absolutely cannot go wrong.
  6. gottaroost


    I believe I asked once about which oils will duplicate that 70's bean oil smell. Think the answer was Klotz R50 or something like that...I have it in my garage and it definitely does not smell like I hoped it would. Does anyone know which oils do give that smell? Seems like I ran one awhile back that had a hint of bean smell, but that was many brands ago and probably I have been doing too much sniffing and can't remember anything.
  7. gottaroost

    Casualties of pressure washing

    I like to pre-treat the bike with Maxima SC-1 so I do not get as much mud/crud sticking to the bike in the first place. Start cleaning by spraying de-greaser and then wash it with my $20 Turbo Jet Power Washer which attaches to a garden hose...works much better than standard garden hose. I also use a long-handled brush with nylon bristles. Once everything is cleaned, I take a quick spin to dry it a bit if I can. Finally I park it in front of my shop fan for at least 24 hours.
  8. gottaroost

    Glue for foam air filter seams?

    I used Superglue in a pinch with excellent results a few years ago, then I got a new filter as soon as I could.
  9. gottaroost

    360 Fly camera, better than GoPro?

    Yeah my most recent cell phone has a non-removable battery...well you CAN remove it but it is delicate surgery with miles of unreasonable steps to follow. Point is these batteries wear out faster than the manufacturers promise and you are not going to like that when you have paid $500 and have a battery issue soon enough. I have to replace my GoPro battery about every 9 months with heavy use.
  10. THERE IS A SOLUTION::: Ok, I was about to toss these things for the same reason...tired after a ride and now have to break my back getting boots off. I got out one of those very tiny round files and just went back and forth a few times in each buckle and voila, no more problem. I did not want to use WD because I would have to reapply each ride. I did this a few months back and now they work perfectly.
  11. gottaroost

    2002 Rapter 660r turning over but struggling to start

    Agreed...I got one of the China-made one-way starter clutches for a Polaris Predator 500 and it was pure junk. Their tolerances were off from OEM. Went with a gently used OEM for a few bucks on E YAB and it worked perfectly.
  12. We started my guy off on a PW 50 at age 6 or 7. He was possibly a tad large for it, but as WWalker mentioned it is nice to have your kid touching ground easily. He hung with the 50 awhile, then went to 70 then 100 then 125 in 4T's. Then a scary wreck and he no longer rides 2 wheels---too bad I can't learn that same lesson lol.
  13. gottaroost

    MOST generously cut pants

    I have some old CTI braces that included a knee pad attachment that worked pretty well, maybe Donjoy has that available too. Also, you could have the brace inside the pants, and the kneepad outside--I've seen this here and there. Or if you cannot find roomy enough pants, you might be able to customize yours some and get someone handy with sewing to add some material to that area so it fits better--might be function over form but hey, as long as it works.
  14. gottaroost

    Rekluse clutch concern!

    Do you have the EXP or Core EXP? I have the EXP 3.0 and so far no issues, but had read that some thought the non Core EXP would wear out pretty quickly...not my finding though.
  15. I also have the Impact Rig. Once I am moving I never notice it is on. Our area gets many triple digit heat days in Summer. I pretty much feel hot in whatever I am wearing so this does not bother me. I wear a jersey underneath and still do not mind it. Also I carry water on those hot days. I like this Rig because the chest plate is one solid piece in front, instead of a zipper up the middle. I tend to bash stuff I shouldn't so I prefer a little extra up front. I have torn the heck out of mine on tight single track so it has a lot more ventilation than it started with.