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  1. teamdnf

    525 Overheating

    I have the same problem with my 05 450 heating up. I have done the "richen and blue engine ice mods. I've been told that I need to take out the thermostat and plastic housing and just replace all of it with a tubing splitter from a plumbing supply house. Iv'e also ordered a fan to put on it. I guess they are even prewired for them to put on and thay only add a coup,le pounds.
  2. I went to put on the rear brake extender for the master cylinder and also to change my fluid. I CANNOT get all of the air out of the line or master for some reason. I even took it off and "bench bled" it. I probably have went through the whole bottle of brake fluid 2 or 3 times trying to find out why I can[t get all the air out. The pedal still goes clear down without doing any thing. I have bled alot of brakes so I am used to ::push the pedal,crack open the bleeder and tighten, then let up the lever back up . any ideas on what in the world I could be doing wrong? ,Its on a 05 450 exc.,Thanks :
  3. Ive had my 03klx 400 for a while and its getting hot so the first thing I want to do is check valve shims. Can you give me an idea on how to do that?(I've got the valve cover off and am ready to look)
  4. I can't find the address for aftermarket tanks (Clarke,Aceribis) please help thanx
  5. teamdnf

    Aftermarket gas tank which one?

    Ican't find the website to buy it do you know the address?
  6. I want to get a aftermarket gas tank for a 3.4-4.0 capacity. which one works and fits the best. (for a 03 KLX 400.)
  7. teamdnf

    unabiker radiator guards, good god........

    I bought the Flatlands racing radiator guards and it only took my 10 minutes per side. I don't understand why the other ones would take that long. Are they better?
  8. teamdnf

    Electric Start on XR400R?

    I didn't put a different stator on mine while I had it. I just put a switch on the headlight and never had a problem with the oringinal stator. It charged the battery full on all the time. the only time I turned the light on was if we were coming back late because of getting lost,a breakdown, or just simply having to long of loop set up. Other than that I just left my light off and let the stock stator charge the battery. Thats what joeracer suggested to me to do.
  9. teamdnf

    Electric Start on XR400R?

    I just sold a 02 xr 400 I bought the estart kit from joe racer.com and had it on the bike while I had it but the guy who bought it didn't want it on so I removed it. I still have all of the kit completely with the instructions if you would want it I'd sell it for 500.00 knebrunson@msn.com
  10. teamdnf

    Rekluse auto clutch

    It cost 425.00 you can slam on the brakes at any time and the auto clutch goes into "nuetral" until you hit the gas again and it engages right back into gear.This engagement is faster than you could do it with your regular clutch. I was at a Enduro race last week where there was alot of twisty turns through trees . I just cranked on the gas then would hit the brake at the turns. I thought it would take me a while to get used to it. but by the 3rd quick stopandgo I was laughing in my helmet.I was in heaven not having to pull on a clutch lever.
  11. teamdnf

    Rekluse auto clutch

    I just thought I'd let you all know that I am completely and totally thrilled with my Rekluse Auto Clutch. It works awsome and is the only clutch available with external adjustment too if you ever need to adjust it (which I have not).I can't beleive how much fun it is without a clutch and NEVER stalling the bike is awsome. The best part is that it is 1/3 of what the Revlock costs.
  12. I have loved my xr400 ever since I got it. My uncle has had one since theyve come out . They are the workhorse of all of the 4 strokes. I am ever so sad to sell mine for some family (you probably understand) financial reasons. I wish you were closer. I could set you up with my 02 xr400 for 3500.00. You'll love your xr. I'm in Denver, Co
  13. teamdnf

    longer shifter lever

    does anybody know where I can get the Longer better shifter lever for my KLX400. my feet are way to long and I heard that theres a place that sells better ones and there longer. Thanks
  14. teamdnf

    xr400 vrs others

    I have a 02 xr400 and was going through the EXACT same stuff your going through (pumpercarb,bettersuspenson,etc..) I finally came into the perfect trail and sometimes ride to work bike. The Klx 400 (the green DRZ). I am totally pleased with the performance and the range of what this bike will do.
  15. teamdnf

    Anyone riding a KLX400

    I also have a 03 klx 400. I love it even more with case guards for protection. the stock case covers are very cheap and easy to poke right through with your sharp shifter lever.