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  1. Harold_in_So_Cal

    2002 YZ250 stalling after getting warm

    I had a the same problem. I pulled and cleaned the carb. I didn't see any problem in or with the carb. I put it back on and it ran fine.
  2. Harold_in_So_Cal

    About to go riding and have a quick question

    Thanks you guys for the help. I took the carb off, cleaned it, actually did a little re-jetting, put it back together and it ran great. Weird but I didn't find any visible clogs. Thanks again. It was a fun day. And yes I cleared the gas out of carb after the ride.
  3. I haven't ridden my bike in about 6 months and I have a quick question. I am riding tomorrow, and before I went to work today I started it up with the choke on. It cranked on about the 9th kick. It ran for about a minute. I took the choke off and it ran fine for about 2 minutes then it started to bog when I gave it gas and cut out. I kicked it, it started, I turned the throttle and it died. I did this 4 or 5 times same result. I put the choke back on. No problem it fired up and ran. Turn the choke off same problem. I am thinking the gas in the tank is really old. I am going to drain it and replace (I was going to do that anyway). I am riding in the morning. Any thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  4. Harold_in_So_Cal

    What underwear do you use for riding?

    When I ride my dirt bike, I have a pair of mountian bike cycling pants that I like because they are padded both in the groin and on the hips, tailbone, and other areas. I take the pads out of the mx pants because the shorts are so much better. But I don't like riding dirtbikes with padded shorts only. Somehow there is always a space between by my parts and the pants when I am riding a dirtbike and I feel the need to adjust. I don't get the same feeling when I am mountian biking. I wear regular bike shorts on my street bike and road bicycle. I am looking for something more secure for my dirtbike but I still want the outside padding. I would be interested to see if many of you guys wear a cup. I have tried and didn't like it that much but that could be a "travesty" type accident.
  5. Harold_in_So_Cal

    02 yz250 susp revalve or SSS swap?

    I am very interested in seeing one of these projects completed with step-by-step detail on how to do it and what parts are needed, and an estimate on cost. I have read many of the previous threads but a lot of you guys are very good mechanics (I am not). I have a 02 YZ 250. I live in California and that is still a green sticker (meaning I can ride it year round) bike. My front end is an 04 (previous owner.) I like the set up but feel it could be better. At some point if I could get an exact list of what to do I could ask my mechanic how much. Motocross Action recently had a letter and response from a guy in a similar position to me (California, green sticker, 2002.) Their response was that he would see very noticible gains with the swap over. So thanks in advance. I hope it goes well us with you.
  6. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Shifting problem question

    I have a 2002 YZ 250. I have always had some difficulty getting into neutral. Recently, especially on trail rides, I sometimes have trouble getting the bike to upshift between 2nd and 3rd and sometimes in 4th as well. I have adjusted the clutch because I noticed that the bike would slighlty move forward when in in gear I have had for the bike about 7 years. The previous owner raced the bike hard and took very good care of it. He split the cases, replaced the crank, replaced the clutch. I have not split the cases or replaced the clutch. I don't ride that often and I am not that hard on the clutch. But it has been a while. I was thinking may I should replace the clutch basket and parts and see if that helps. If not then try the bottom end. Thank you. Any advice is appreciated
  7. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Apparently this is the 2015 yz250

    Thanks for the link. I live in Fullerton and one of those stations is close. Do you jet any differently for race fuel?
  8. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Piston Size Question

    I need some help on ordering a piston. I have a 2002 YZ 250. I don't know what piston size (A, B, C, or D) the bike has. The piston size is not marked on the outside rear of the cylinder. I have someone that is going to help me change the piston and ring and I would like to order the parts without taking the cylinder off. My questions are: How big of a deal is it to get the exact size right? And if I guess, which would be the best one to order (A, B, C,or D)? Thank you in advance.
  9. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Smartcarb on a brand new YZ 250

    Stupid question; Do you still have jetting on a smart carb or is it automatic like fuel injection?
  10. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Frazier Park/Gorman Questions

    Regarding your advice on Snowy, no offense taken, in fact I appreciate it. I would much rather hear it here than learn it there. I did Snowy downhill many years ago and was able to handle it, but last weekend I did not feel comfortable after looking at the youtube videos. I am a lot more cautious now than I was back then. On our ride, we helped each other twice, and both times I could have made it I was willing to hit the obstacle harder, but given that both times we were on the side of a mountain I was not willing to take the consequences if I was wrong.
  11. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Raced the 295 this weekend...

    Great riding. Fun video.
  12. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Frazier Park/Gorman Questions

    So here was our ride. Parked at Gorman entrance. Rode up the mountain on East Frazier, rode accross the mountian on the fire roads, came down on Whata trial, hit Tejon trial and took it back. 26 miles total. Average moving speed 13 mph. We never had to get on a paved road. We were short on time, otherwise I would have liked to add another 15 to 25 miles in the ride. But either way I am glad we skipped Snowy trail. East Frazier was challenging but good. There was one place on East Frazier and one place on Tejon where we had help each other with our bikes. I am glad we were riding down Whata trial instead of up. Not many riders out there at all. Weather was not too hot, especially on top of the mountain. It was a really good ride. Looking forward to more.
  13. Harold_in_So_Cal

    Frazier Park/Gorman Questions

    Thanks for the good suggestions. I am going, but I am going to re-route our ride. I am also going to skip Snowy even if it is open. I looked at a youtube video and it is too much for us tomorrow. I think I will now have the 1 mile of outlaw ride but other than that it will be legal. I will provide a report when we get back. Thanks again.
  14. Harold_in_So_Cal

    California Frazier Park/Gorman Questions

    We are going to Gorman tomorrow and plan to ride the Frazier park area and I have a few questions. Thanks in advance. My plan is to start in the Hungry Valley park, go to Tehon to Long Dave to Lock Wood to Miller Jeep to Snowy and back to Hungry Valley park. I think that is about 50 miles of pretty hard riding. I did this many years ago. But, the only road that connects the exit of Snowy to Hungry Valley is paved Gold Hill road. Our bikes are not plated. It looks like about a 3 to 4 mile ride. I called the Forest Service and asked if that portion of Gold Hill is similar to the Gold Hill in the state park where there are usually dirt trails right beside the road. He said no. My questions; 1) Do you guys ever ride this paved section of Gold Hill? What is the chance of getting a ticket? I assume what the ranger said is true and you can not ride on the side of the road. 2) If we wanted to drive our trucks to the intersection of Snowy and Goldhill are there places to park? It wasn't what I was planning but maybe it will be a different ride. 3) Any other thoughts welcome. Thank you.