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  1. MaddogYZ

    YZ250FX vs CRF250R

    I don’t have a 250F but have curious to get one. I’m a Yamaha guy and everything I read about the yz250f and FX says it has heavy engine breaking. I had a WR450 back in the day and did not like the heavy breaking.
  2. MaddogYZ

    YZ250FX vs CRF250R

    Is the engine breaking on the CRF more or less than the YZ? I’d be interested in a 250F that is more free wheeling and doesn’t feel like you’re dropping anchor every time you roll of the throttle. I like the blip and coast flow of my 2 stroke.
  3. MaddogYZ

    Did I hear RC say last night

    I agree, he was better than expected. Jeff was weak on criticizing what the riders were doing wrong. I like that RC points out what people are doing wrong and explains what the proper line is etc.
  4. MaddogYZ

    ebay heated grips?

    Wow those are cheap
  5. MaddogYZ

    Top end rebuild, what happened?

    I had a fairly low hour 2005 that leaked through the casting. I discovered the “crack” and leak the day after I was pounding on the swing arm bolt to remove it and grease all the bearings, it was really tight I beat the hell out of it. Somehow the shock opened up A tiny crack in the casting and I was freaking the hell out! I drained the coolant and cleaned the spot really good, slathered the crack up with JB Weld and never had a problem again.
  6. MaddogYZ

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    With MEC airing on FS2 which few people get, has anyone found a re-air time on FS1? This what they normally do for a supercross that airs on FS2.
  7. MaddogYZ

    Mtn Ridge ATV and Rock Run Recreation meetup thread

    I’ll be there on Saturday, I know the trails well as I’ve ridden there many times. If you’re interested in trying to meet up let me know.
  8. MaddogYZ

    My new 2018

    Where is “here”? You mean SKDA or a different graphics company?
  9. MaddogYZ

    My new 2018

    I really like those graphics, I wish wasn’t so terrible at putting stickers on. I wish I could buy a set preinstalled on a set of plastics so they would be perfect.
  10. MaddogYZ

    Mtn Ridge ATV and Rock Run Recreation meetup thread

    I’ll be riding at Rock Run on Sunday if anyone is interested in meeting up, probably get there around 11.
  11. MaddogYZ

    This goes against what I normally stand for...

    Reed will not ride for cheep regardless if it’s a factory bike. Realistically most you can expect is an avg of 10th place and he believes his popularity and fame is worth a lot more, he’s alluded to that in multiple interviews. It’d be cool to see him out there on a competitive team because I’m a fan of his, but he’s also done this long enough that I’d hate to see him take a spot away from a younger guy like Wilson or Bogle.
  12. MaddogYZ

    Team Puerto Rico

    I’m not sure what the homologation rules are for MXDN. In supercross the manufactures have to pay to have their models homologated and Yamaha doesn’t pay to have their 2strokes eligible in supercross, that’s why even a current YZ250 can’t be run in supercross. MX Sports does not follow the same rules for outdoor motocross.
  13. MaddogYZ

    Mtn Ridge ATV and Rock Run Recreation meetup thread

    Since you’ve logged a bazillion hours at mtn ridge, what rear tires have you experimented with and like these days@loosescrew ?
  14. MaddogYZ

    Mtn Ridge ATV and Rock Run Recreation meetup thread

    So what’s the deal with this Saturday, are people riding at ICV or Mtn Ridge?
  15. MaddogYZ


    I ran pillow tops for a few years and not I’ve switched to the Renthal half waffles as stated above. I like the Rentals more.