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  1. J13

    Bike chokes when accelerating

    yeah similar problm... some updates...i've removed the baffle off the exhaust. and it runs sweeeeet thru the revs. only issue...i've noticed my air filter is black~! but i juz washed it like a week ago. some1 please help~! thank you. much appriciated~!
  2. bike (XR400R '97) is currently on touring setup with 15, 42T and baffled silencer. it used to accelerate and maintain @ 120 km/h with ease with more to give. but recently i'm having trouble getting pass 90 and 110km/h mark. It chokes badly, until i reach 120. any 1 experience this b4? thnkz in advance.
  3. using it on my XR4 as well... for me @ higher speed it seems to dim down...and yes i'm planning to upgrade my stator as well. need the xtra power. btw riding a road legal XR4
  4. J13

    xr400 gets hot and weird smell

    well anyway...if its nothing big den i'm not tat worried. juz tot some wiring or something could be melting or something inside the engine. well tats for me...not sure abt the tread starter
  5. J13

    xr400 gets hot and weird smell

    lolx my bad...the standard DPR8Z
  6. J13

    xr400 gets hot and weird smell

    well cant seems to locate any hose or wirings on any hot part of the engine...if there is it shld be wayyyyyy burnt by now. running on NGK plug, 20w 50 Engine Oil (Maxima). nope din noticed any vapors or sorts.
  7. J13

    xr400 gets hot and weird smell

    heres wad i noticed... without the baffle bike runs alot more cooler. but still doesnt clear my doubt on the burnt rubber smell need to find out if i'm running too rich. think i saw something in TT. black spark plug too rich. (correct me if i'm wrg)
  8. J13

    xr400 gets hot and weird smell

    getting the same smell as well... tot was from the wiring from my headlight... din change anything frm the engine since i get my bike like 2 mths ago?
  9. Juz changed my headlight(35W), rear signals (LED) and brake lights(LED). some how signals and horn only works when i'm goin @ 100km/h (60mph) and above. usually after tat it will last me for quite sometime. now it will just die off when i slows down. brakelight and headlight still shining bright. is it something to do with my resistance bcuz i changed to LED? or my stator is frying?
  10. I've juz change my headlight to Acerbis DHH ce/dot headlight, LED taillight and 2 LED signal lights (rear). Initially after installing it works fine, bright and all. but slowly after a few days, I've noticed that the 1st blink frm the taillight have quite a delay. now, my signal and horn doesnt work at all (rest working fine). it only work when i'm traveling @ above 100km/h for some distance. is it the resistance problem? or my wiring's gone case? i do notice a light burnt rubber smell when ever i stop @ the traffic lights. seems like coming from below. but when i stop to give a whif i cant seems to locate where the smell is from. btw here's the headlights specs: High-impact plastic lens 12V 35W/35W headlamp bulb 12V 4W running light Will fit virtually any motorcycle sold without bulb
  11. J13

    No compression

    thank you martinfan30 it worked~! thou i took me quite some kicking to get it running. changed my spark plug @ the same time (and boy its black) Bubbagums, confused myself thou...but it WORKED! EMMS xr250, i've noticed the unless'ness off the decomp as well. only once in a while when i cant get tat kickstarter down. since you put it that way will remove it. thankz for the input guys...appriciate it~!
  12. J13

    No compression

    Was hosing down some dirt off my bike yesterday night. It started up fine after tat to park my bike But this morning was trying to kick start it, there was no compression at all. any idea what could be my prblm? was suggested that was faulty sparkplug. But is it possible tat a plug could foul overnight? btw there's light coming from my headlight when i kickstart. and oh. i'm riding a 97 xr4 thank you
  13. J13

    Gordon's Mods for XR400

    Been searching high and low for the baffle mod pics. Riding a 97' XR400R with original baffle (not sure if its for my 97' model) without spark arrestor. after some close look @ the baffle, i noticed even if i drill 3 holes as mentioned in gordon's mod the middle (bloated) section of the baffle will not allow the any airflow to the 3 holes. will appricate if anyone can provided the pictures of the modded baffle removed. bet there are still people out there still lost with the mod.
  14. J13

    New to XR4

    so you (or any1) thinks wad could be causing the jerking/choking during the 100km/h ride?
  15. J13

    New to XR4

    new updates, got my carb re-jetted and rubber seal replaced. Mech also adjusted something inside the 4 nut located on the top of the engine block (any idea wads that?) finally bike runs like a 400. 0-80km/h in a instant, but still unable to maintain 100km/h or higher. will have light chokes. (thinking of getting valve clearence done) anything else fellow TTer's recon i can do? i dont need any fast bike (just as yet) but a reliable bike which i can cruise at 80-100km/h and pull a 120 or more on a short dist.