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  1. RocketJSquirrel

    MSR Xplorer Summit pants

    Are these over the boot w/pockets?
  2. RocketJSquirrel

    Alpinestar Comp Pro Short Large

    I see that you're in NV & I'm in NorCal. I haven't purchased anything off of TT so what's the best procedure? Rocky 530-308-1987
  3. RocketJSquirrel

    BAJA!! Early Warning--Plan Ahead

    I'll be doing a tour the first week of March and will be in Catavina on 3/8. If you're interested in being there then, I can show you an excellent 170ish mile ride to BOLA.
  4. RocketJSquirrel

    Mike's Sky Ranch

    I ride Baja muy mucho but it would be too lengthy to explain it here and to be honest w/you it is even difficult to explain unless you have some knowledge of the land. I'm willing to tell you what I know but email or private message me with a way to contact you.
  5. RocketJSquirrel

    2003 450 EXC VS. 525 EXC

    I'm 49 and I am convinced that smaller cc's for me works best. The bigger the more tiering and I also ride the same elevations in Colo and I do it on a 200 EXC w/no lacking for power. I also ride Baja on an XR400 and used to ride an XR600(pig) down there because most people say you need the horsepower(B.S.). I can ride way better on smaller bikes and for much longer periods of time. I would go w/the 450 hands down.
  6. RocketJSquirrel

    450 jetting for Colorado

    I'm making my usual trek to Taylor Park in August but w/a new bike this year. Taylor Park is around 9000' and we'll only go up from there. Can anyone set me straight on proper jetting for a stock 450 EXC?
  7. RocketJSquirrel

    Thinking About a Second Bike

    Paul, Call John Moore (831/475-3619) in Santa Cruz, he has a 250 EXC ready to go. I'm 5'10", 170ish and the 200 fits like a glove. Maybe the 250 might fit your size better and I know that bike is also a great one because I used to ride one too. When I bought my 200 I was toying w/going w/a 250 but I thought what the heck I gotta try the 200 and I never regreted my decision. Hope this helps, Hasta Luego!
  8. RocketJSquirrel

    Thinking About a Second Bike

    You can't go wrong w/a 200 e or mxc. I came off a 300 EXC in 00' and will never ride a big bore 2-stroke again. I love my 00' 200 so much :)that I now own an 03'. They are great for any single track woods riding, I even take mine to Colorado each year and I can't tell that I'm not back riding in California. They really run that good.
  9. RocketJSquirrel

    KTM 250EXC to 450EXC Conversion

    Hey katama, I live in GV and interested in learning this area for some good riding. I'm trying to set up a dual sport ride from here to Sierraville the first night and then on to NorNev and eventually Oregon. Let me know if you have any interest.
  10. RocketJSquirrel

    Anyone use a Chatterbox?

    I'm really happy w/Performance Radios' product out of Nothern Cal. They are'nt cheap but they reaeaeallly work well!! Give Steve Daily a call @ 800/346-8049 and tell him Rocky sent you.
  11. RocketJSquirrel

    450 exc over heating

    On a different note, do you know a Katoom racer Mike Minder? I'm not sure where in Oregon he lives but he was a high school classmate of mine in Oakland. If you do know him please pass on a hello from Rocky. Thanks