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  1. Pulling back on the bars when I see an obstacle. Damn that wears me out fast.
  2. detox

    Cr85 won't start up.

    It's a non-running honda. Keep it, it's rare.
  3. That looks like my old, clapped out 1982 CR250, before I replaced all those same parts. Neglect really does some damage.
  4. detox

    2016 Toyo Tundra

    I agree on the bed size. It's as if they couldn't decide on SUV or truck, and ended up with neither.
  5. Nissan Xterra. New is over the 25K, but used would work well.
  6. Did you salvage the roof top AC unit from the camper?
  7. Seems big enough to me. Two bikes face forward, to rearward. They will need to be offset because 10 ft is too short for end to end. I carry 4 without any overlap on a 5 by 14 ft trailer. The tie down points are about 8 inches beyond the side of the trailer. There is a cross bar in the middle which puts two bikes in the front, two in the rear. The Honda always rides up front.
  8. detox

    Battery Swelling

    That's what I was thinking, why would you drain it. Charging an empty battery can't be good. Now I see. Dead battery needs charging.
  9. detox

    Is a CRF450X to heavy for me?

    Is the 450X too heavy? Are you weak? Come on, man up. All kidding aside, can you pick it up if you tip over? Can you lift the front or rear end off the ground? Neither matter while riding, but can be important when stopped. I'm about 6'2", 230, but I don't think that really matters with regards to how the bike weight affects the ride. I find the 450X to be a fun handful on tight mountain single track. And pure joy in the desert.
  10. detox

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    I failed to mention the OEM front tire. I removed it when still fairly new, and it sat in my garage for a couple of years, then a buddies garage until this year. That's got to be some dried out old rubber. The guy put the tire on and loves it.
  11. detox

    .49kg/mm fork springs any experience?

    I waded through all the noise in this tread and finally came away with something that looks very useful to me. My CRF450X, 06, washes out. I can't believe how poorly the front tire sticks. Maybe it's good to learn to handle a sliding front tire, maybe. This is what looks helpful, thanks Doc: Should all riders on all bikes run the same sag?? No...and nobody said that...ever. When a bike is designed, the engineers determine what sag will give that bike a neutral feeling (a 50/50) if you will. Honda has determined this to be 100mm. When a rider is trying to sort out his suspension ( as Nusk450X is trying to do) the best recommendation is to install the proper springs for his weight, and set the sag properly so he can get a feel for the bike. Once that is accomplished, he can then start addressing any peculiarities that a given bike may have. The 450X is notorious for washing out...partly due to it's balance, partly from it's triple clamp offset, and partly due to the OEM POS tire. There are solutions to address this...22mm offset triples, new front tire, decreasing the sag slightly or pulling the forks up in the triples 6mm or so. Running a sag GREATER than 100mm, such as 110mm will exaggerate the washing out issue. I set my race sag when I was 20 to 25 pounds lighter. If I remember correctly, static sag was a little excessive, I tried for 100 mm of race sag. Stock springs, now I'm at 230 pounds, I've tried to find a front tire that works, I've wondered about raising the forks in the triple clamps, I've seen references to changing the triple clamps, but figured that's can't be needed. Now it all makes a little more sense.
  12. detox


    If the timing is good, you might want to check the valve clearance. Don't forget the auto decompression.
  13. detox

    2005 450X Valve question

    Same size as the 450r, Don't know if they are better, but they are bigger.
  14. detox

    2005 450X Valve question

    Just to be different. I shimmed mine once, then did the valve job when they moved again. I got many hours between the shim and replacement. I was told you only get one shim after the motor breaks in. I just sent my head to Racers ER out ot St George, UT. They put in some different valve seats, the R spec titanium intake valves, OEM exhaust, new guides, I liked the idea of running lighter valves with lighter springs so the valves don't slam the valve seat as hard. I was a bit worried because everyone else seems to use the stainless valves and heavier springs. I did this in 09. I sure wish I had an hour meter on the bike. I've not adjusted the valves since.