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  1. jokerflingo

    CRF450x 2008-2016 Standard Tank - Help a Aussie Out

    all sorted thanks guys sourced one locally.
  2. jokerflingo

    CRF450x 2008-2016 Standard Tank - Help a Aussie Out

    Thankyou for the responses guys, shrubitup can you please pm me a photo of the tank, definitely interested. Thankyou Matt.
  3. jokerflingo

    CRF450x 2008-2016 Standard Tank - Help a Aussie Out

    Hi there, they indeed can, but considering it would be three times the price of a aftermarket tank its not exactly viable unfortunately
  4. Hi All, My name is Matt from Australia. My father rides a CRF450X 2011 along with me but he had a fall and put a whole in his fuel tank. Does anyone have one i may purchase at all? I know shipping may be expensive but he does not want a larger tank as he loves the standard one. There are no standard ones in Australia currently for sale Regards. Matt.
  5. jokerflingo

    Xr 400 16 tooth front sprocket fit

    Curiously what are you currently running gearing wise because if you were running say 15/40 i highly doubt the 400 would be able to pull it to top speed anyway?
  6. jokerflingo

    Tire and dual sport gearing?

    Im from the land down under and am running 14/48 with a dunlop d952 on the front and currently either a dunlop d606 or dunlop Mx-51 on the back. The DOT legalities are all different, but coppas dont give a shit about that over here
  7. jokerflingo

    XRs may be low tech but you don't see much of this

    My CRF has 4 valves, go figure...
  8. jokerflingo

    Is my XR400R rare? Looking for info

    Thats a standard XR400 setup from the land down under...
  9. jokerflingo

    Electric start only?

    I guess hes never had the fun task of jump starting a bike in an awkward area lol
  10. jokerflingo

    Which Braces?

    I cant vouch for Mohards, but can for unabikers, they havnt failed me yet, worth a look too mate
  11. jokerflingo

    Which Exhaust For 2011 450x ?

    No need to get your nickers in a knot mate, maybe try a search on TT
  12. jokerflingo

    Electric start only?

    Couldnt you just take of the kickstarter? Problem solved?
  13. jokerflingo

    Which Exhaust For 2011 450x ?

    You havent looked around much then.