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  1. Welcome to TT, nice website.
  2. NVR2L8

    California lurker's...

    I used to be a pretty active member, but after getting "counseled" for posting ride reports and then moving from SOCAL to NORCAL, I haven't been riding to much, that with having a son that is just starting out and traveling a lot for work it's more about family time than personal time. That and I took up golf so the wife and I had something to do together, now the boy wants to play also. So between my sons activities, Rifle club, Soccer, Baseball, Scouts, Golf, Guitar lessons and hanging out with the wife and being in a new area where I don't really know anyone that rides has made riding a little less of a priority. So I lurk here to see what you all are doing and watch the occasional video.
  3. Got one already, Love it SOCAL summer riding is great, get up early home by 3:00 with a stop in Julian for some Awesome Apple Pie. Man I miss the desert.
  4. Thanks I thought I could just go ride and see how they acted, but then thought maybe I could get a head start if someone was running similar bikes. Either way I get to ride so all is good. Thanks.
  5. Moved up a couple years ago from SO CA. had my bikes jetted for that area, was able to ride from Ocotillo to Corral Canton and even big bear without changing my jetting. I haven't been able to get out since 've been up here but know it looks like that's going to change. So I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations jetting here's what we're riding. 2002 KLX 300 w/all free mods and 37mm Mikuni AP carb. 2007 Honda CRF 230 all stock 2008 Honda CRF 50. I bought the 50 for my son from a guy up here so I have no Idea how it's jetted. To be honest I can't remember what needles or slow jet I have in the other bikes but I rode Corral Canyon at 3400 to 4600 pretty regularly with no problems. Sorry if this type of question has been asked, I did a search but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance for all help. much appreciated.
  6. Sounds like someone didn't clear the stolen/recovered out of NCIC, looks like you have two ways to go. 1. pay the fines and move one, make sure of course that the vehicle is removed from NCIC. 2. Go to the PD and get a copy of your report (full copy) it should have a copy of the NCIC removal/transmittal. It will probably be a teletype print out with some redaction (blacked out sections). The NCIC form is the most important it shows the PD removed the entry from NCIC (but because it was still in there it probably won't be). Next look at the officers report, see if he stated it was removed. Either way the stolen recovered report should be good enough for CHP to waive the fee's. Anyway you slice it it's probably going to be a PITA.
  7. NVR2L8

    KLX 110 knocking at idle?

    Yea that's what I was thinking, the guy's selling it for a little less than half what it's probably worth so depending of course on what it is it may be worth it to pick it up??? He said his son was riding it when it started, but it shifts fine and doesn't seem to have lost power?
  8. NVR2L8

    KLX 110 knocking at idle?

    Hey all looking at a 2006 KLX 110 a guy is selling. Problem is he says it knocks or has a clanking noise when idling. He says it runs, and shifts fine and the noise goes away when you are riding it. I know it's a shot in the dark but any idea's on what could be the problem?
  9. Husky TE 630, Its relatively light, sits kind of high but it handles great off road and on, I put Warp 9 17s on it for street use and kept the stock rims for off road. Some things you would want to do 1. new seat from seat concepts 140.00, Power up kit 25.00. New tires for off road (I've ridden the past few months with the stock tires they're not bad probably 70/30 street but for this year I'm really going to use the two set up option I decided on when I bought it, any way I ride 21 miles each way to work and back all highway 75-80 , 6 gears no worries. I've done several 100 mile trips for day rides on several occasions and when I park it I'm perfectly fine. The only issue it has the radiators go because of vibration but you can get aftermarket ones online that fit fine (a little tight but fine) and that seems to solve the problem.
  10. I don't know that I hate quads, what I hate is when someone riding a quad destroys a trail with insane rut's or is on a trail obviously too small for his/her quad is stuck blocking the whole trail and looks at you with that "I have no F'ing idea what to do now" look when you come up on them. (quick story, I came up on this incident when riding with my son in SOCAL, I parked my bike in the tree's, asked if I could help, told him I could ride it out of there, dude said yeah sure he was pretty spent, me and my son turned the quad around, I rocked it back and forth then caught traction and rode it about 1/4 mile back to the trail junction and left it right next to the sign that said two wheel vehicles only, I had to walk back but the look on the dudes face when I told him where his quad was was priceless.)
  11. NVR2L8

    Save Johnson Valley - Petition at Whitehouse.gov

    Done, I've ridden this area and even went right up to the boundry with the base, what a great area to ride.
  12. Mine were fine with it, how about yours? J/K but really they didn't hit you or anything right? Really just kidding. I think working out like a lot of things has to be done when it's best for the person, I don't work out in the mornings because I seem to get sore, and if you're hurting after a work out its not a good thing no pain no gain is BS. Some sensativity yes but actually being sore, you're doing damage that takes longer to repair. workout magazines and books all need to be taken with agrain of salt or amino acids or protein or what ever voodoo you subscribe to. The keys are IMHO to eat right and exercise regularly, I go about 5 days a week alternating between weights and cardio. None of that really matters though if you don't eat right, marathoners and weight trainers alike drop dead form heart attacks because they don't eat properly.
  13. I read an article some time ago in Mens Health that advised against working out right after you wake up. They said that studies show the bodies natural lubricants hyaluronic acid (HA) has not had a chance to properly redistrobute through out the joints, muscles and other areas necassary. This can lead to more injuries and pain after the work out, which could lead to working out less.
  14. Well looks like I'm heading back to NORCAL, I grew up in Folsom, left in 1985 did some rambling w/the Airforce and then just some moving around on my own accord. 10 years ago I moved to San Diego, it's absolutely beautiful here and I love it but I now have a job offer (that is a promotion) in North Highlands (Sacramento). I've tentatively accepted (tentative only measn my backroun has to com back favorable and I know it will) so tomorrow I have to go in and tell my current boss that I'm leaving, I think he's not going to be to happy . IT's really a great oppurtunity The wife will be able to stay home with the kid losing her paycheck will sting a little but we'll get by. Well enough that here's my real problem. I have a Kawi KLX 300 with the pumper carb and a brand new Husky TE630 with dirt and SM setup and nobody to ride dirt :(with, I have one friend up there that rides street and really mostly I ride street to go to and from work but I'm almost always up for a weekend street ride or dirt ride. So yo know I'm a basic ride not real good but not real bad, I'll have to get used to the different terrain up there I'm used to mostly desert but I sure could use soemone to ride with if anyone is feeling charitable. I should be relocated by Dec. 1st which kind of sucks cause it's the time that the desert really starts getting fun and unless I'm wrong it's the time that riding almost stops up there. Anyway all comments are welcome.
  15. Pull off the carb and test it with water, with the float bowl off, and the float assembly installed. Krannie looks like you were correct. I checked with water and even when the floats were completely raised the water leaked out. I also noticed the seat moved up and down freely, so I'm thinking the "O" ring is bad. I'm also going to order a new fuel needle just in case. hopefully this corrects the problem. By the way thanks a lot for the assistance.