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  1. Fatbunker

    Where Can I buy A wheel Hub?

    thanks guys I was thinkin of rocky mountain good call about ones being beat up on ebay
  2. Just wondering if there is a place where I can buy a rear wheel hub for a 03 kx250. The bearings were froze in the last one and when they were removed they broke the hub. Thanks for any help. Also if any one has a used one let me know that would work too.
  3. Fatbunker

    Fork Conversion

    thanks for the pic, and great write up
  4. Fatbunker

    2003 kx 250 with 2001 forks

    will this work if I use the tripple clamps off of a 01 hit a big rock and have a dent in the tube just looking to see if this will work
  5. Fatbunker

    Anyone load into a 5' bed?

    It fits fine you can load two with all your gear up the middle
  6. The stumpjumpers is a kick, but it will also kick your butt if its the first real ride of the season. It is a huge gathering and a big party friday and saturday nights. I made the mistake to go out and run it for the first one of the year and I paid for it the monday after. Anyways gone go again and cant wait
  7. Fatbunker

    Need help with choke

  8. Fatbunker

    Need help with choke

    I went out to start the bike yesterday and tried to pull the choke up and now it wont stay up. It worked fine before I put it away for winter. I was just wondering if there is a spring in ther that could have broke. Im gonna tear it apart today but just wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else. Oh yea its for a 2001 KX250 thanks
  9. Fatbunker

    Winter make over thread pic's

    just a quick fix, did in late october. Just wanted to clean it up a bit, sus was just done. It got new tripple clamps, skidplate, and some graphics. I think Im into the whole bike for 1500.
  10. The tie downs were a little scary at first but we tried to break them with out a bike and no luck so were good to go. Also you can fit 2 bikes pretty easy
  11. Fatbunker

    Best Black Firday deals?

    rocky mountain had six six one helmets for 39.99 and they even had actual size. After 9pm they jumped back to 89.99
  12. Fatbunker

    New triple clamps, and a question

    i have the same ones on my 01 with no clamp. I jumped the bike hard last weekend at the dunes and it didnt seem to mess with anything. It turns fine so I say no harm no foul.
  13. Fatbunker

    How interchangable are front fenders?

    should fit just did it on my 01 took about 10 minutes and it was cheap at under 20 bucks
  14. Fatbunker

    New To the KX scene

    sorry its so large im not good with pics
  15. Fatbunker

    New To the KX scene

    Just thought I would say hi used to be in the cr forum but moved over. Below if the link works is the new ride. The good thing is the whole bike costs about the same as a top end rebuild on a thumper