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  1. micahmorgan

    Problems Linked or Not

    Yep. I was running rich. The O-ring was cracked. What really sucks is while I was fishing out the O-ring, I dropped the washer that goes between the O-ring and the spring ... and I can't find it. I spent an hour searching a 10-foot radius.
  2. micahmorgan

    Problems Linked or Not

    If the jetting is too rich, will it burn oil? I know how to jet the needle, fuel screw, and the main. I have a 09 YZ 450F. Thanks for the help.
  3. micahmorgan

    Problems Linked or Not

    I have two problems that I need help with. My engine is stuttering at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle and I'm burning a little oil. Any help with each problem or a combination fix? The engine stuttering, I thought was a jetting issue when I went on an out-of-town ride, but now the bike is at home and I still have the problem. At higher throttle, everything sounds and feels fine. After this weekend's race, I noticed some black soot around the exhaust. I have the JD Jet kit and jetted to the recommendations. Today, I played with the fuel screw and the bike still ran with it turned all the way in. I changed the air filter and had the same results. The bike used to run fine and I didn’t make any changes. While I hovered over the bike this afternoon scratching my head, I checked the oil on the dipstick. It was low so I filled it back up to the right level. I needed to add 200 milliliters. I have about 7 hours of riding since the last oil change. Do I have a problem or problems? What do I need to do?
  4. micahmorgan

    Tire life Geomax 51

    The MX51s suck some time. I ran the 51s for four weekends here in Las Vegas. I was riding several hours Saturday and Sunday while I was marking a race course. The 51s were holding up nice and I thought I found my dream tire. Then I rode with some buddies near my house in a rockier section. Within 45 minutes, I tore every side wall knob, left and right, off the front ... seriously, every single one. My two buddies were riding Maxxis Desert IT and their tires were fine. Like any tire, you need the right tire for the right condition. When does the MX71 come out?
  5. micahmorgan

    Chain slap /sub frame

    The thread you are searching for is in the YZ450 forum. There is a problem with the chain slapping on the slider that is then bouncing on the frame. I'll look for it but I might run out of time.
  6. micahmorgan

    09 bent shift & break levers

    I bent my shifter and brake pedal. Mine were bent from falls in the desert. I was able to bend them mostly back into position, but I'm looking for replacements. I have an 09 YZ450F.
  7. micahmorgan

    2009 Price

    Weird ... my fuel screw fell out too.
  8. micahmorgan

    '06 - '09 450/250 parts interchangability

    I just went through this last month. I went from a 06 YZ 250F to an 09 YZ 450F. -- Chain guide did not fit. Close but didn't. -- Scott's stabilizer frame didn't fit. Had to buy a new mount. -- Foot pegs still fit -- Not sure on the specific kickstand you have, but my pro moto billet kickstand fit on the pegs so it did exhange. -- Slip on silencer from the 06 didn't fit so I bought a new one. The one slip on came with adapter to fit on the smaller 06 though. -- ASV levers did not fit without changing out the entire perch -- Front brake line did fit eventhough the part numbers were different -- Sprockets and chain did fit -- Skid plate did not -- Fuel screw did as well as the jets, but the needles don't. According to JD Jet Kit people, "they aren't even close." I thought a carb was a carb but I have limited (no) knowledge here. -- All the plastics did including the shrouds.
  9. micahmorgan

    Riding with Chris Birch tommorow !!

    Looking forward to the tip videos!
  10. micahmorgan

    Trashed Knee. Surgery now or wait?

    What about the MCL? Is it done too? Is there any risk with waiting to get the ACL reconstructed?
  11. Dr Mark, I need your advice. Do I get surgery or wait until I really screw up my knee? Back in March, I had a small washout with a big injury. I've done plenty of physical therapy and haven't experienced a knee buckle or give out yet. I still ride a lot and race off road, desert at least once a month. Here is my MRI from March: http://morganaviation.com/temp/MRI/Morgan%20MRI.avi By now, I assume my knee is healed as much as it is going to do by itself. I'm getting some knee popping and clicking and occasionally, some knee pain when I squat. The popping doesn't hurt at all, but the squat pain feels like it's between my femur and tibia. I just recently got another MRI and it's here: http://morganaviation.com/temp/MRI/MRI%20Follow%20up%20in%20Nov.wmv The radiologist report had some bleak news with a "a few ACL fibers intact" and a "near complete tear of the ACL," "Buckling PCL," and a MCL that didn't attach to the femur. These results don't really make sense to me since I can still run, cut, pivot, jump, and ride mostly without pain. I respect your opinion more than the doc I'm seeing. I think he sees mostly old people. My questions for you are ... - I think I'm going to need surgury sometime, but do I wait until I have a complete ACL tear? - Do you concur with the radioligist report of a near complete ACL tear? Buckling PCL? and a MCL that never reattached to my femur? - How long is the down time if I come see you for the surgury ... whether it's now or later? I will have time for extensive physical therapy. - Any other comments you have?
  12. micahmorgan

    Checking coolant level

    I wouldn't fill it up all the way to the top. I'm pretty sure the owners manual says to fill up to the radiator cap, but if you do, it will just spilt some out once the motor is running. I fill mine up just above the fins when looking inside the radiator. The pressure thing mentioned in the manual is to ensure that the system remains pressurized. I'm sure it's a good idea, but I've never even seen this done.
  13. micahmorgan

    2008 Yamaha Yz450 Waterpump problem

    Sounds like the ol' water pump seals. I recommend you do a search in the yamaha forum for weep hole and/or coolant. You'll find lots of help. You need to replace the seals and likely the shaft too.
  14. micahmorgan

    Front Tire/Rim Rubbing on Brake Pad

    I'm following you up until twisting the disk the other way. You mean just bend the disc in away from the pad?
  15. micahmorgan

    Front Tire/Rim Rubbing on Brake Pad

    I knew it would be hard to explain, but I think you guys got it. What's rubbing is the disc/rotor and the pad. ... So everything is where it's supposed to be except one area on the disc is pressing against the outside pad. I've looked at the disc and it doesn't look bent or warped anywhere. Although, that's my first guess ... Maybe it's warped so little, I can't see it. Also, after my first ride, I had a few loose spokes, but they're tightened back up. I meant to get back to you guys yesterday, but got behind with work.