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  1. crashing

    07 TE510 Springs

    I think ZipTy Racing would’ve a good call to make. They raced and rode this suspension I believe
  2. crashing

    Dual Sport Boots

    I like these combat tiring lites from Aerostich. I think they are sidis. http://www.aerostich.com/aerostich-combat-lite-boots-20.html
  3. crashing

    Any Tahoe riding still going on?

    Thanks for the local report LeavingReno
  4. crashing

    Any Tahoe riding still going on?

    Heading up to South Lake Tahoe tomorrow and looking for some stuff to do with the kids since there doesn’t seem to be any snow. Anyone riding up there now—Johnson Lane I was thinking. Thanks
  5. I'm going to the Colorado BDR. Funds are a bit light so I thought I'd offer maybe a new med kit http://www.adventuremedicalkits.com/medical-kits/ultralight-watertight/ultralight-watertight-9.html in exchange for use of your bag. I'll be gone those days but only riding 5 days. Thx. Chris
  6. Let me know if you have one, or know of one, for sale Motoxotica is out Thanks Chris in Nor Cal
  7. crashing

    Kid's rentals in the Bay Area?

    Call Carnegie I think they have a learn to ride program with bikes provided.
  8. crashing

    CRF80 Launch

    Good times!
  9. crashing

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    The NCWR ride is next weekend at Downieville--awesome Dual Sport ride that is more like an enduro
  10. crashing

    Any way to put an H4 headlight bulb...

    Here is a pic of the connector ADVMonster made
  11. crashing

    Any way to put an H4 headlight bulb...

    Here is the info from ADVMonster "Hi Chris, If the H4 physically fits your headlight, we can make an adapter to go from your stock plug to the H4. Purchase this and this and leave a note at checkout it is for a 08 te450 h4 conversion and we will assemble it. Regards, ADVmonster"
  12. crashing

    Any way to put an H4 headlight bulb...

    No worries--ADVmonster hooked me up with a custom connector for $12 after I showed them your pics--pretty cool so your thread helped a ton
  13. crashing

    Any way to put an H4 headlight bulb...

    sorry to revive old thread but I ordered these parts and the Husky plug for the old headlight is different from the new headlight bulb shown. the Parking Light and Headlight are wired together in the stock configuration and those both go into a four prong plug. In the above images, the parking light has a plug (2 prong I think) and the headlight has another plug (3 prong). Any tips on how to make the new connection hook up to the old? Great info up to that point and looking forward to finishing.
  14. crashing

    Who is your GO-TO parts supplier?

    Motoxotica in Vacaville, Ca has a great selection of Husky parts in stock and personal service--great shop and quick shipping