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  1. haydug

    WTB: Yamaha YZ 450 motor 2014-2017

    I have a perfect head complete. $400. If you’re interested
  2. Time Left: 18 days and 17 hours

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    Good running complete YZ85 engine, wiring, PC exhaust. $650 shipped. 740-645-559O



  3. I just got a buddies 16 450 in boxes. Got it pretty much together now for the new KTM piston install. I don't have a manual to look at. What is the trick on the oil ring? It would appear set the gap on the swiper ring then cut the spring to fit inside? My first time messing with this setup
  4. haydug

    2016 to 2012 fork swap?

    Thank you Spin. I will have to check on that. May call Ride Engineering and see if they can whip up a set of clamps.
  5. haydug

    2016 to 2012 fork swap?

    I have a RT spring conversion on one bike. It's better. But I think the mid valve could be stiffer. Not sure yet. I'm pretty happy with it but not 100% yet. I'll call them tomorrow. See if it's any different than what I have. Thanks
  6. haydug

    2016 to 2012 fork swap?

    Does anyone know for sure that a set of 2012 forks will bolt right up to a 2016? I can't get comfortable with the air fork. I have the spring conversion on one of my bikes, and it's better but still can't get the feel that I had on my Yamahas. So I found a set of 12 forks I may pick up. Just curious if it's direct bolt on and go
  7. haydug

    Titanium chain guard who would be interested?

    How much? I'd be interested
  8. haydug

    22 clamps on 16

    I have the Ride 21.5's and love them.
  9. $25 cooler. $15 pool noodles. 4 drywall screws. Shipping tape. Perfect shipping container for your engine.
  10. haydug

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    After years on Yamaha i made the switch. First time since 1988 I've ridden Kawi.
  11. I did not. It was honestly to last minute. My plane left today and I'm still in Ohio. I will make it next year. It's a dream of mine to race there.
  12. I know this is a long shot but due to some unfortunate circumstances my bike isn't gonna make it to the race. However I have s non refundable plane ticket and would like to ride. I currently ride a new Yamaha, and would bring my suspension, bars, and plastic. Don't care to leave the plastic on your bike. Anyone interested in helping an old guy out with s bike? I won LL's this year in 40+ so I feel I have a decent shot and have always wanted to race Glen Helen.
  13. I have a 2014 YZ 250 and I'd like to throw my 450 frontend on it. The 2-stroke forks are setup for my son (150lb) and my 450 is setup for me. Is the clamps and all interchangeable?
  14. haydug

    2013 CR 250 2-stroke

    I have been trying to reach BBR all day. That is gonna be my first choice. Yes I could do it myself but I'm working 12.5hr days and trying to get ready for Lorretta's so not much time to mess with it. I know they would do it right.
  15. haydug

    2013 CR 250 2-stroke

    I have started to restore a 1995 CR 250. Got the motor basically finished. But I just picked up a 2013 CRF 250 with the rod hanging out of the cases. So. Has anyone done this conversion? I know there are 500 conversions all over on older chassis's. But I have yet to see one this new. Who is capable of doing a "factory" conversion?