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  1. honda dan

    Model of this Bike?

    Water cooled - Suzuki DRZ400
  2. honda dan

    STUCK oil filter cover screws

    Use a impact screw driver. Use a 3/8th to 1/4" adapter & your 8mm socket. Make sure its set to loosen " lefty loosy" & tap solidly with a hammer. They will break free without damage. Do not over tighten after oil change
  3. honda dan

    when is honda going to remodel the xr650l ?

    Prototype from Honda Italy, Honda XR650S Srambler. Rumor has it, It maybe for the US market
  4. honda dan

    Any riders in/near Rochester, NY?

    I'm in Spencerport. My friends and I do alot of dual-sport riding locally & down in the Southern Tier. Your more than welcome to ride with any of us. We also belong to the Skidmarks Dual-sport Club , out of Bath, NY. Great bunch of guys. They do monthly rides , Trails & Dirt Roads. Let me know if your interested. CYA, Dan
  5. honda dan

    Hey all you XL riders

    Here is my collection of dual-sports. I sold the white 1991 XR250L after I got the 1984 XL350R. Kinda wish I still had it. I put a Clark 4 gal. tank on the XL350R to save the mint original tank, also put on a supertrapp exhaust and found the factory rear rack. My wifey's CRF230L & my XR650L. The XL350R makes a good woods bike after rejetting the carbs and gear it down some.
  6. honda dan

    Whats yours called?

    I call my iron horse " Secretariat" after the fastest race horse ever. The horse's real name was "Big Red" I also recommend the movie, true story.
  7. honda dan

    oil temp dipstick

    15 to 20 degrees cooler and smoother shifting
  8. honda dan

    oil temp dipstick

    I've been using a XR's Only Oil Temp Dip Stick for years, and they work great. If you switch your oil , to a synthetic oil, like Klotz or Amsoil 10w40, you will see that your oil temps will run much cooler and your bike will shift much smoother.
  9. honda dan

    Best place to buy parts?

  10. honda dan

    Anyone wire a headlight switch to their battery?

    You don't have to worry about that, as long as you turn your key off. There will be no drain on your battery.
  11. honda dan

    Anyone wire a headlight switch to their battery?

    I have used a Yamaha headlight switch from Dennis Kirk on all four of my dualsport bikes. Just splice it into the ground wire off the headlight. I also bought a Doo-Dad switch ( handle bar mount toogle ) from Dennis Kirk , and I splice into the ground wire from taillight under the seat for shutting off my brake-taillight too. Sure comes in handy once in awhile. All you need then is a flip down license plate. and you good to go. My sure you write - CYA ! , on the backside of your plate.
  12. honda dan

    Longer cables on R for Rox 2" risers?

    I bought a Motion Pro clutch cable after installing my 2" Rox Risers. It was 3" longer and did the trick. Brake side was fine.
  13. honda dan

    XR650L Oil in air box?

    Dave's right, common mistake, Put oil sparator back on , its not a charcoal canister
  14. honda dan

    No more XRL's

    I was talking to the owner of my local Honda Shop and he said Honda stopped making the XR650L. He can still order one from the factory until they run out. He also said they were coming out with a smaller dualsport between a 350 & 400cc machine. Whats your guys thoughts on this ,and has anyone else heard this ?? I started out riding a brand new 1986 XL600R and now I ride a 2007 XR650L , to me it's the end of a great era. When Honda switched to the 450X in the Baja, I thought this day would happen. So Sad !!