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  1. jumpingcanuck

    KTM 2017 250 sxf Factory Edition

    I have 18.2 hours on my 2017 250sxf FE. Dropped one tooth on the front sprocket, haven't revalved suspension yet but I will. I ride MX only 205 lbs. I run 150 psi in the fork, 48nm rear spring ( a bit stiff) 105 sag. Bike is fantastic, my only concerns are on overjump slapdowns it's harsh and sometimes get headshake on hardpack so I'm at line #1 on the forks and in a perfect world I would like to be on line #3. I let others try my bike and they agree it is fantastic! You will love yours.
  2. jumpingcanuck

    AIR4ORCE tunable intake for the 350sxf

    Sorry misread your post. Glad to hear the loudmouth works well!
  3. jumpingcanuck

    AIR4ORCE tunable intake for the 350sxf

    @ pps Moto: how easy was the air force to install on the 350? And how much did it cost?
  4. jumpingcanuck

    2011 350sxf won't start after top end replacement

    Thanks for the suggestions. If I ever have another concern I will definitely look at possible connector issues but for now it is running great!
  5. jumpingcanuck

    2011 350sxf won't start after top end replacement

    I was tired when I wrote that. I had also replaced timing chain and the balance shaft gear had to be removed with a puller to access the chain. Maybe the gear wasn't quite on far enough or something on reassembly ... Fact is, when I loosened the water pump nut and retightened to 4.4 foot pounds, the engine spun fast enough to start. Engine Could have loosened up enough with the original cranking but who really knows? Fact is with the high comp piston and jd tuner, the bike hauls!
  6. jumpingcanuck

    2011 350sxf won't start after top end replacement

    Figured it out. Water pump impeller nut was tighter than spec, that coupled with increased compression and tight new too end was enough to stop it from running.
  7. Put a piston in on saturday and it wont start, I've tried everything, timing looks ok, have spark, removed injector and it's still spraying fuel, cranks over ok and sounds like it wants to fire up if i play with throttle and open slightly but just wont start ... any ideas? Is there a way to check tps setting with a voltmeter?
  8. jumpingcanuck


    I ran 14:51 in arenacross and I thought it pulled good. I may try exsarg gearing next. Kinda icy up here still. Sarg have you ridden Calgary this season yet?
  9. jumpingcanuck

    2011 350sxf piston and mapping

    The g2 throttle opens the throttle quicker. It makes the bike feel more like a 450 to me. Since my first race is at Easter I'm just going hi comp. The bike will be sold in July to get a 2013 so I don't need to spend a ton on this one.
  10. Hey guys, I have 60 trouble free hours on my racebike but im dooing a refresh on the top end before racing season starts back up. question is has anyone tried a 14.5:1 piston with a jd jetting tuner? I want to know if i should be mixing 50-50 race fuel with pump gas for this combo. Already have all the usuall upgrades done, suspension, drd exhaust, g2 throttle cam, map switch, 250sx filter cage, 51 tooth sproket on the rear and just want a little extra out of the engine, was gonna do the 400 big bore from ht racing but the engine builder is on vacation till middle of march and that puts me out of a bike for the first race if I wait to big bore.
  11. My last bike (2010 250 sxf) suspension was revalved by factory connection, I have installed the forks from that unto my 350, they feel better than the stock forks on my 350. My question is: can I swap the revalved intervals from the non-linkage shock into the linkage shock of my 350 sxf? Or would the shim stack be so different that it could be worse than stock?
  12. jumpingcanuck

    2011 ktm350sxf upgrade choices

    Thanks for the input guys. One vote each direction. I've read both sides of the debate on here and I'm on the fence. I have filter cage from twostroke on already and wash air filter every ride, cheap insurance against dirt IMO. With 60 hours on bike it's getting a piston either way so I'm leaning towards taking the ht racing plunge! I will probably consider slip on in the spring. Thanks for posting the pipe comparison link! Oh and I already changed battery out for one with more oomph. Probably same weight as stocker though.
  13. First of all, love the bike, put 60 hours of mx racing on it already now time for winter overhaul. Now I am stuck between two main choices 1: ht racing bug bore with porting or 2: new high comp piston, yosh tuner and drd exhaust. Opinions? Already have map switch, quick turn throttle and geared 13:50, or 13:51 depending on track. Looking for more power for next season as I came off 450.
  14. I'm buying the 350 on the 1st of July. I can get the last 2011 for $700 cheaper or a 12. Both are brand new. Opinions on weather the 12 is that much better or would an 11 be better with a map switch suspension and a jd jetting efi tuner for about the same out of pocket for me. Thanks for input!
  15. jumpingcanuck

    07 crf250r big bore and stroker

    Hey guys. I just picked up a used 07. I inspected it and intake valves were at 6 thou. Pulled apart and got new Honda intakes. Kibblewhite exhaust valves. 08 springs and new valve seals. I was wondering if there is anyone running an Athena 280 big bore with a hotrods stroker crank and a Honda 08 cam. I just want to be sure everythings gonna work out before I order my parts. I want to build a vet weapon. I just came off a 450 and want some grunt in this unit. Thanks for any input.