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  1. ...who r-u replying to?
  2. minibikedad

    36mm keihin on 2005 cr250 evaluation

    who's everybody?
  3. minibikedad

    SHOW us your bikes! 50cc and 65cc

  4. minibikedad

    who wants to convert the XR400 to electric start?

    So, how much does a whole EX 400 motor cost nowadays? $1000? and also get the whole wiring setup too?
  5. minibikedad

    oversized tank

    WeekendRDR got this issue covered. just pay attention to where your cable is laying w/ the tank in position check your throttle for play, and slide your throttle cable away from that bulge if throttle's hung up, just like how W_RDR showed per above. DOn't need longer cables, don't need another tank. There's nothing wrong w/ the tank. I only pointed it out b/c it's their 1st time putting the tank on. I didn't want said person getting a heart attack on the 1st kick and hearing the motor screamin' out of control.
  6. minibikedad

    XR400 Luggage Rack

    no pics of it attached to the xr4?...don't buy it until you can see how high up it's sitting above your seat. also, beta plus bag isn't designed for dirt bikes. It needs a fat 29" wide seat like on a street bike or ADV bike, or wide ass bbq rack to prop itself down on, so 5" side legs can hang down from the seat and stay put .
  7. minibikedad

    oversized tank

    If this is your 1st time w/ the IMS tank, double check your throttle cable to ensure it's not pulling up your carb's slide. This area of the IMS tank typically pushes down on the cable & can cause a WFO throttle if slack isn't present. the stock tank doesn't cause this.
  8. minibikedad

    Enduro bike

    Yes, CRF250X is the perfect bike for enduro. Also, the 250X showa suspension is still one of the very best suspension for enduro racing. Leave the valving alone stock, just put the right springs for your weight. Go have fun.
  9. minibikedad

    what extra fuel tank of a CRF on CR250 '07?

    You would think that an 04 CRF450 tank should fit into the CR250 since they're both Gen 3 frames. But I remembered reading a post that the CRF tank does not provide the clearance for the electronic powervalve that's used in the CR250. It's that part where the two powervavel cables pulley up and down that's in question. I can't say one way or another whether this is true, but it makes sense on the surface of it.
  10. minibikedad

    Air stricker on its way..so

    Don't be too concerned about the size #7 slide. Get the carb jetted via your pilot, needle and main first. That will cover 95% of all your intake demands. Changing the slide to a different size is a fine-tuning procedure, best left for someone who's extremely knowledgeable with jetting.
  11. minibikedad

    PWK swap? 05 Airbox?!

    For max. top end power, I'd look for a PWK 39mm, screw top body. It's the same size physically as the PWK 38mm screw top body, but the inside bore is larger. The PWK39mm came stock on the 2002-2006 KTM 125sx (and on CR500, iirc). I had an '06 125sx w/ the stock 39mm PWK. That sucker would pull to the moon - and beyond! - once it got on the pipe. Later on, I put in a PWK 38mm for more woods/and H/S duty. I could tell a difference in loss of top end just from a carb swap.
  12. minibikedad

    what age is good

    E-Z Ride makes training wheels for the KLX110 http://e-z-ride.com/vault/products_bb.html#kl11 With the training wheels, a 5-6 yr old can ride the 110, provided you use a throttle limiting screw and restrict the throttle down to 1/3rd opening.
  13. minibikedad

    Buying a PW50 need advice

    Those training wheels made by Moose? If they are, I'd be cautious about using them. Parts Unlimited just put out the recall in sept, '13, and recalled over 4000 of them since they fit all the big 5 bike mfrs.(google: "moose training wheels recall") Hopefully your 2 yr old won't need them, but if she does, check out the ez ride training wheels ones, they won't fall apart like the moose ones and they're cheaper too. .
  14. minibikedad

    Honda CRF250L 2014

    My '14 250L feels VERY nimble and light...no lie, it feels no heavier than my old CRF230F when riding. But, it handles way better, corners much sharper, throttles so much more instantly and rides way smoother than the CRF230F. Don't know how Honda hid all that weight but the only time it feels heavy is when I push it onto my trailer.
  15. minibikedad

    The REAL Scoop on 02-04 CR250R

    Had a h/s racer friend spend a day riding my bone stock '05, and he fell in love w/ my bike. He immediately went out and bought an '03, thinking it was identical to the '05. The motor, sadly, wasn't like mine and wasn't to his liking. He tried a few things w/ it, but wound up sold it a month later. I personally never thought that there'd be all that much of a difference between yrs, but my friend found the differences to be ample enough to take a loss on the bike and move on.