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  1. VTArider

    KTM tank...looks like crap

    easy to get that paint off the tank, gas and a rag and some hard elbow grease , or something stronger like ; kerosene, etc. clean it up with a little soap wax it and will be good to go. you could always sale it on ebay and buy a clear IMS tank.
  2. VTArider

    long distance trip without being street legal

    Cal city to state line, I think it was around 280 each way, stay in casino for like $20 foods is cheap .lock the bikes in the Valet section. gas in Jberg /Hinkley/ I think it was barstow.
  3. Thanks Bob, yes it's already reg ,from the guy I bought it from=green sticker, no other ways huh? I plan on trying here at least once,maybe another state?
  4. VTArider

    Forest LPNF above gormon open

    Thanks guys
  5. VTArider

    Forest LPNF above gormon open

    Hey thanks, I spend more time over at .........Shhhhhh.......KTM Talk, I sent you a msg over there so you can disreguard..thanks again
  6. VTArider

    Forest LPNF above gormon open

  7. Hello, Does anyone know if the forest LPNF above gormon is open still ,do to the recent rain/snow. I was going to try to fit one more in this year? Thanks Dave
  8. VTArider

    I know this is Taboo,,,,,,,but

    Thanks condor, Just like you said, as for the other smart .ss guys thanks for assuming that I wasn't telling the truth, I guess I should very selective in my questioning /advice I ask on here. as for all you accusing me of wrong doing,I am most likely twice as old as you and been riding the same . I am sick and tired of all the tree hugging restrictions that have continue to be imposed upon us at an alarming rate. But hear me clearing: I am not for breaking the law esp when others & the sport will suffer from my actions. got it:thumbsup:
  9. Hey guys ,I have plated 2 KTM's in the past an 04 ,05 .I heard the the tide was changing and heard that DMV is revoking the plates from the past that were "not legal". I have had and still have a bit of a connection as far as getting the proper paperwork signed ; light check, statement of facts etc. I was wondering if anyone recently has done this,if anything has changed as far as documentation required? I just bought a 05 525 MXC that is like new and has been in storage for 4 yrs. and want it plated. If anyone has input / advice would be great. Thanks for your time Dave
  10. VTArider

    rebuild on a 2000 250 yz

    Hey Guys, I have always been a Orange bike lover, but currently have 0 bike at all and money is tight and brother in law is parting with a 2000 250 yz for 1500 . I am ignorant to 2 stroke stuff, But like the idea of a light bike for technical trails. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this bike, pros cons and what worse case would be to have motor rebuilt or clutch would cost me. Thanks for your time Dave
  11. VTArider

    Jawbone to Lake Isabella

    Im guessing too much snow at this point wouldn't you agree Em rider ,palmdale rider
  12. VTArider

    I know this is Taboo,,,,,,,but

    Secondly, as far as slinging dirt my way ,your way out of line, like i said ; " I WAS JUST WANTING SOME AMMO TO CONVINCE HIM NOT TO RIDE" You don't even know who I am, but thanks to the guys that had the constructive reasons/opinions not to go.
  13. VTArider

    I know this is Taboo,,,,,,,but

    Thanks for all the advice, I already know all too well the reasons we don't ride in closed areas, "I was just looking for more ammo & $$$ to convince him not to go. I have done so. I am quite familar with the rescue operations that it takes,I used to work on that copter for VCSD as a flight medic. he is a bit young,im sure we all know of our selfs or someone that at a young age does or thinks of crazy shit to do. rest assured he will not be going. Thanks again
  14. VTArider

    I know this is Taboo,,,,,,,but

    I have a guy ( co-worker) new to the sport ....that is new to the sport and young,that is caming in a week or so in Gorman ,,,,and was thinking of heading into the (((closed forest)))) LPNF . I told hime the fine would be steep , I need to convince him it could be ugly. anyone have any idea how bad the fine could get. ? Thanks
  15. VTArider

    KTM 450 dualsport

    The berg's are made at the KTM factory I vote for a berg........im a die hard KTM guy Fi = which is even better...it was told to me like this if KTM is a Toyota Berg is a Lex....just my 2 cents