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  1. I have had no bites on mine at $6900
  2. The stock seals go bad quickly. Change them to SKF
  3. The carb is much better for that motor. The FCR carb when set up right works extremely well.
  4. Seeing a PT three times a week (he's also a Chiro) and just going to the Ortho tomorow for more 'disuccusion'
  5. Seeing a PT three times a week (he's also a Chiro) and just going to the Ortho tomorow for more 'disuccusion'
  6. Another dr. visit tomorrow. I've been getting soft tissue manipulation and it HURTS LIKE HELL so it better be helping...
  7. Beta's frame geometry is very similar to the Steel framed CR line.
  8. Sucky suck suck o-rama
  9. Ream the passage ABOVE the pilot jet, as it has a sharp bend. Your symtoms point to a partially clogged pilot jet circuit. On a bike that old you should replace the emulsion tube (needle jet) slide plate, fuel screw washer, and adjust the fuel screw starting with a HOT motor, set at 1 turn out and a very low idle, then raise the idle with the fuel screw.
  10. OK, minor hack, truely hoke, and probably huckey too.
  11. ....right....
  12. Actually, that can be a pre SSS also, called the AOSS, which is most likely what it is. The lug is NOT like any SSS I have ever seen, but the cap is.....but during my WR quest for YZ forks, I learned alot about what was actually available and used, and The AOSS came out in 2005/6 for Yamaha, and was just before the SSS introduction, and used the same cap. There are lot of KYB forks being made that we don't see in our off-road world, so it's pretty tough to say just what they are, but they sure look like the KYB stuff from the Cagiva/white frame huskies.... Regardless, it's not really a great buy of a bike. Keep looking.
  13. Your other post shows a janky suspension swap with low-end kyb forks...
  14. Major hack job on the front caliper. Looks like the KYB fork off of a Husky, which has a plastic base valve that broke... I can't recommend that bike no matter what the price...