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  1. Air cooled bikes take longer take longer to warm up and run a bit hotter than water cooled bikes do. Nothing you can do about it.
  2. EVP
  3. Do you have one ? Can I have it ?
  4. California

    Red Mountain to Freemont Peak and back sounds good. Go around the backside of Red, across the drylakebed, around the north side of Freemont peak, and back Stage at the old Mine? 35°18'45.9"N 117°36'21.7"W
  5. The corked up nature of that bike, and the heavy thick metals of the motor, make the intake temps along time to get up high enough. IT'S NORMAL
  6. California

    If you want to try a track, Quail Canyon is the place to go. Milestones 'beginner track' is incredibly boring, but populated with fast squids.
  7. California

    why u like whining so much.....
  8. Excuse me? You looked TWO HOURS for the idle screw ? The only visible screw on the entire carb? Put in a BRAND NEW PILOT JET, AND ream the passage above it with small copper wire. Replace the fuel screw with a R&D fuel screw. Read the PINNED POSTS in the CRF450R/X forums on how to properly tune the fuel screw and what issues this bike has, and it's solutions.
  9. WP did it through KTM dealers from 2011 to just a few months ago. They have discontinued the program.
  10. Let's be clear. This is not a 'tuning' price. It is an 'upgrade and tuning' price: All new modified RaceTech pistons and seals, a different (larger diameter) set of shims, more shims than stock (usually double, creating a staged valving), Bladder conversion for the shock, upgraded seals (SKF), and more. It basically takes the stock suspension and brings them up to KYB/SHOWA build quality, sort of, while re-valving them in the process.
  11. You can probably assume that it is a 'full' service, with all the seals, all the bushings, wipers, oil, and shipping. That would make $600 about closer to on par.
  12. I need the '92-'96 non specific air filter. Now what am I supposed to do....
  13. Must be on the pipe 100% of the time or it will load up, with stock jetting. Buy a JD Jetting kit