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  1. Figured, but not yet fixed. Not to worry.
  2. Yeah, that is three hours away. I saw that on the list. I thought maybe there was a newer dealer than was on the list.
  3. Dirt sucked in because of Simi Cycles fuvking up the intake boots and clamps and oil breather elbow in the air boot. I probably rode with an unseated air filter at least one oil change cycle too.
  4. Oooh, a threat. Thanks for treating your fellow rider with such respect and decorum. I posted a link to the ECU. You know what I know, if you bothered to read it like I did.
  6. Still getting it wrong.
  7. I still don't understand why you think you carb is boring....
  8. California

    I agree, but would include the famed Dunlop D606 in that description. 'It must be a good tire, everybody uses them...."
  9. California

    Sorry I could not be there in person. You can however count on me to remind you of this debacle everytime you take any trail that is under 140" wide....
  10. The level of name calling and anger in this thread is pretty dissapointing. The level of misinformation is even worse. I have probably built more motors that all of you non-professionals combined.... Telling me about another year, model, and displacement issues third hand, with no solution or relating to this thread, is helping exactly who ? Acusing me of trolling my own thread ? I don't understand the level of anger, spite, and entitlement going on here. I'm not looking to argue with you. It's a repair thread. Get over it.
  11. No, you are getting it all wrong. I NEVER read a post that starts 'my buddies bike does this.....' because if it were true and important, we would hear from his buddy. That, and hearsay is usually very inacurate, in my opinon.