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  1. You will have to do lots of reading. Usually, MXAction spells out the changes very clearly, but that is for track bikes only. Dirt Bike is second best. If you do basic google searches like "TX300 2018 vs 2019" you will come up with a lot of hits and some useful information. I do this kind of research all the time, and keyboard time is the only real solution. The emagazines like Enduro21/E21 are also good. Bottom line, the manf will only cover the highlights of the changes, as the dealers really don't want them to spell it all out, as it affects how they are able to sell what is on the floor.
  2. Send your carb to TokyoMods or Zip Ty, and have them deal with it. The chinese replica carbs have few fatal non removable pilot air jet or main air jet.....cause they are made as 'direct replacements' for just a few different bikes.
  3. TDC is piston all the way up BDC is piston all the way down. You align the cam lobes for adjusting the shims, which is lobes facing out. Now search for the TDC mark.
  4. If your air screw it 2 turns out to idle, you pilot is too big. Go down one size. If you add more oil to your mix, you displace fuel, which makes a leaner A/F ratio.....but now we know your pilot is at leat one size too big, so you will probably have to go leaner on the needle too. You can confirm this by dropping the needle all the way down to see if it runs better.
  5. They fall apart! Tear so easily! They get pock marks all over the sealing area! The foam at the sealing area becomes weak and non supportive! I am glad I have found an alternative to them, with the Pro-X. Just so you know, every filter is not the same contruction for every bike. The KTM filters are completely different than the filters offered for the Beta. The Honda CRFR filters are really nice and robust. The Beta filters are filmsy and thin at the sealing don't judge others experiences based on your lack of it.....
  6. Pilot is for idle only. How to choose pilot size: hot motor, set the fuel screw at 1 turn out, and lower the idle as low as it will go. Turn the fuel screw to raise the idle. Stop when it stops going up. Less then 1 turn out, your pilot is too big. More than 2 turns out, your pilot is too small. That's it. You could add a little oil to your premix, which makes it leaner, to see if your really are rich.....
  7. You need to be much more specific. Have you adjusted your valve clearances? 250 track bikes need it check often, especially if you have ever hit the rev limiter. Do you filter your fuel before putting it into the tank? You should be. If you don't, you will clog the fuel pump filter. Do you treat your fuel for contamination? You should be. If you don't, you will contaminate the FI nozzle with shellac. Have you tried adjusting your idle? That may be all you need to do. Counterclockwise. Have you done a passive reset of the ecu? Supposed to do one most every ride.
  8. Wow. Just wow. You can't fix stupid.
  9. 1 qt in the trans is what JCR runs in all their bikes, with stock seals. .7 in the motor, no more than that.
  10. Pick any line above to get misinformation......or an old wives tale......or just plain incorrect advice.... Pin-punch out the broken headed screw, as mentioned. Do NOT use a easy out or reverse drill bit as it will drop debris inside the fork. Keep on using your bleeders, as we we all know, the air builds up in the forks during use, USUALLY UNEVENLY PER SIDE, and bleeding them makes them work correctly NEVER EVER bleed your forks in the compressed position, as you could loose some oil. 5cc is a lot of oil to loose in a there is no point to doing this. Never ever worry about compressing your forks for long periods of time. It does absolutely nothing to the forks or seals that riding the bike doesn't do already.
  11. That's the KTM free external oiler feature. Comes FREE on several models.
  12. 14/48 TRail tech fan kit for SM wheelsets
  13. Oil Eater will remove ALL the oil in seconds, and is not toxic.