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  1. They assured me a refund would happen They also assured me a delivery date for the proper tuner is unknown, if ever.
  2. ...and crank sensors, and stators, etc...
  3. You can also lower the TPS setting to about .55volts....
  4. You need to download a free oem service manual from yamaha's website
  5. That is correct, and there is no unit available.
  6. Get a medical 1000cc syringe on line (amazon) and force oil up from the bottom. It pushes out all air. It's messy, but it's fast and works everytime.
  7. Yeah, I'm not sure why this is so important to you. You only have 1.5-3 psi of oil pressure in the system, so don't expect much to come out. The quantity of oil you install is the only thing that matters.
  8. This I gotta hear.....
  9. Dynojet's IT department mistakenly put the model 35-001 Powercommander V on their website as being the correct part for the BETA 4T series. I found out today it is not, and there still is no PC-V tuner for the BETA. It will be part # 34-001 when it is released. The 35-001 is for the Sherco 3004T only. Certainly Dynojet will fix this on their website soon.....?
  10. Carbs need atmostpheric pressure to work. All manf have always done it that way, cause it's cheap. Only the overflow tube leaks gas....unless you go upside down, then they all do.
  11. California

    Drop your needle two positions. It will be worse up there, it's 2000 ft higher....
  12. Sorry if I was a dick. Itsmanature.
  13. Classic symptom of a leaking intake valve, or in an FI bike, a fuel pump with a clogged filter (which usually starves the pump and ruins it....)
  14. A $99 meter can only be so accurate for the price. How it runs is more important than how it measures......