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  1. Cool I’m running the same set up as you to a t. And that’s what I’m getting planning a 900 + mile ride in Mexico next month and just trying to see what kind of mileage everyone is getting.
  2. Nope i was out and pushing but I’m also running the vortex ecu with there big tune on it. So might just want to turn it down a little
  3. I have a 2018 fe450. I installed a vortex ecu fully deleted with a fmf 4.1. What’s the best tune for fuel mileage? I was just wondering because i got at best 76 miles on the stock 2.2 tank. I now have the acerbic 3.1. Just see what you guys are running and what fuel mileage you’re getting.o
  4. I just ordered the Oberon clutch slave for my 2018 fe 450. Hasn’t failed yet but better to safe then sorry. Has anyone had trouble with the master cylinder. If they used the wrong material in the salve then what about the material in the master?
  5. Cool thanks for the feed back guys . I ended up going with the Acerbic 3.1 looks to work good and it was cheaper then the ims.
  6. I ride a lot of tight single track and hill climbing trails. So i like have more control and torque in the bottom end. It did hurt the top end a little bit not bad. It still will cruise 70 in sixth gear no problem. But i also don’t ride it on the street very often so it all depends on what you ride the most
  7. Hey guys I’ve been looking into get bigger tank for 2018 fe 450. The stock 2.25 gallon tank only gets me around 70-80 miles. What aftermarket desert tank you guys running. Just trying to get some good feed back before i pull the trigger on one. Looking at a 3 gallon. 4 gallons plus is a bit to much for my riding style.
  8. I have the same bike. The bike was a dog out of the box. I did the full smog delete install the vortex put a fmf 4.1 muffler and geared the with a 13 front 50 rear. The bike is a complete animal now. The bike needs to be opened up to feel it’s full patently. Ib
  9. This weekend i finally removed all the smog parts on the the bike and installed a vortex ecu with handle bar switch. Also geared the bike with 13/50 gearing and a fmf 4.1 slip on i also removed the reeds. Man this bike is now a animal. I only got to do some hot laps around the house but holy sh,,,t!!!!. This is the bike i was hoping for. It was a lot of money after just buying a $11,000 bike but worth every penny.
  10. Does anyone know the size of the rear axle on 2018 fe 450. It 20mm or 25mm?
  11. Ok put the needle jet in last night and bike fired right up. And once it was warm first kick three in a row. Thanks for the help krannie [emoji106].
  12. Yz450f will over heat if it idles to long. It's a air cooled motor so you need air flow for it to cool. So I don't think you have any problem there. Mine does the same thing.
  13. Ok I will try that I have had the bike sense 2006 and never changed that thanks. krannie
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