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  1. MXHalofan

    Kansas City area riders

    Finally got my bike together and was ready to hit the woods today and bam, mother nature ruins it. sigh
  2. MXHalofan

    98 CR250 power valve Questions

    Thanks Alot! I'm going to jack with this after work tonight.
  3. MXHalofan

    98 CR250 power valve Questions

    Did a top end on my bike. Do the valve and pinion shafts need set a certain way? Besides set together? I read the manual and it showed the orientation, but mine was just slightly turned from the way shown. I made sure they were set together when installing the cylinder. My power valve wasn't turning when running on the stand in gear. I took the inpection cover off like the manual says. Adjusted the pinion and tightened the bolt right. On the test ride I didn't really test the power valve because I was breaking in the engine. Seemed like it hit right sometimes and other times not sure it's right. I can't visualize exactly how the power valve system opens and closes the valve via the shafts. I'm figuring the cam for the lever must turn the levers when it gets to a certain RPM, but I can't seem to move the flapper by just turning the shafts while the cylinder was off the bike. I got the flapper full closed and the pinion tightened. Any feedback is appreciated. Getting ready pull the carb and adjust the float, and the exhuast is already off so if I need to slide the cylinder up a little to get this right, like to do it tonight and finally be done and ready to ride. On a stroke of luck, found a guy selling a minty pipe and silencer for my bike on CL. First time looking at bike stuff in a week. Called and he said just pick it up and it's free. LOL It's the cleanest part on my bike now.
  4. Float is stuck somehow like posted above. When mine did this, I just layed the bike over a little past 45 degrees, and that got the float to reset.
  5. MXHalofan

    Reduce reuse recycle - 02 Mikuni TMX on a 98 CR250?

    Got me thinking about my carb too. Got my new piston in last night and it's still takes a few kicks to start, acts weird, idles weird and leaks through the overflow with the slightest lean of the bike. Sounds like what you got Shrub.
  6. Yea compression was way up. I got it running well with the right piston. My piston showed up in two days this time. Happy to get it running finally. Then it rains. No rain for a month until now. LOL
  7. MXHalofan

    Kansas City area riders

    Got my bike running finally! Funny how it runs well with the right piston. Damn details. And now it rains. LOL Gonna try again next weekend.
  8. MXHalofan

    Kansas City area riders

    Fuuu my bike is still down. Got the wrong piston. LOL Anyone want a 95 CR250 stock piston?
  9. I got the wrong piston I guess. Old piston is flat top, this new one is rounded. I took the head off and put the old head back on, and it still didn't want to kick very well. After that I looked at the old piston and it occurred to me the difference. I originally ordered a 95 piston because I put a 95 cylinder on it. Read that somewhere. So now to get back on track. I dont' seen any physical damage to the piston top or the head, so maybe it was just crazy compression in there. Hope I can just order a 97 piston and be good. I took the cylinder off in about ten mins since I've had so much practice lately. LOL Another costly mistake for the pile. I have a huge pile. Makes me appreciate the mistakes that don't cost as much. Anyone want a round top 66.34 piston?
  10. Got the bike together and it's real hard to start. Had it running for a bit today but it wasn't running right. Idled but bogged on the throttle and then acted lean. Really hard to kick. Not sure if that's right. I halfway compress the shock or close with each kick. Wears me out fast and the bike doesn't want to start. Would the bike start if the piston was in backwards? If I pull the plug, it's butter smooth. Engine rotates great. I put a different head on the bike since my old one was dirty and I had this clean one ready. Maybe that's the problem. Can I reuse the head gasket?
  11. Base gasket looks fine, what about the head gasket?
  12. My cylinder that had repaired water jacket damage leaks LOL. Ten mins from starting the bike last night. Gonna take it to a welder today. Wonder if my base gasket can be reused?
  13. MXHalofan

    97 CR250 power valve need input

    Yea, that's how they go. Took me a while to figure out they cross, then split the lever. My cylinder head turned out to be bad. LOL bad luck bike
  14. MXHalofan

    97 CR250 power valve need input

    OK think I have this figured out. Not sure about the valve link adjustment. The manual makes it sound easy but my mind can't accept it yet. The namura top end gasket kit is confusing me now. The head gasket doesn't have an up mark and I can't decide which way to put 'up'. LOL
  15. Can't figure out what I"m doing wrong. Read the oem manual 8 times and can't figure this out. Here's a pic of what I have so far. But this setup doesn't make sense. The spring does nothing.