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  1. Any grease works. I use Belray waterproof grease since it lasts the best. I used to mix this with anti-seize 50/50 but dont anymore. Cam.
  2. KXcam22

    IMS Coolant Recovery Tank 18 KTM300xc

    I put on a flat cap then drill a hole large enough for the hose. The hose is secured in and out with a small tywrap. An overflow (never had any ever) leaks out the top. A tiny fluid level inside to cover the end of the hose. Easiest mount is by making a bunch of wraps aroung the bottle with black tape to make ridges with a tyrap groove space in between. Make one of these top and bottom and then tyrap to your rad guard in front of the rad. I have done this 3X with perfect success - been on the bike 7 years. The 5 minute rad bottle. Hope this helps. Cam.
  3. KXcam22

    IMS Coolant Recovery Tank 18 KTM300xc

    Tall armoral bottle has always worked well for me. Mounted on the front of the rad is a great place. Cam.
  4. My story is same as most on here. Riding 45+ years, but I have only had once instance (last summer) where I potentially could have put my wrists through the bark busters. I can see that there is a small % of risk, but the lack of bent bars, broken fingers, levers etc, tells me that they are doing their job. I always used the flag style when riding MX to protect from rock roost. I will say that I did like my acerbis all plastic BB the best as they protected great but had enough flex to absorb big tree hits, and seemed to slide around them better. Still have them but they are the wrong color for my fancy new bike. Vanity. Cam.
  5. KXcam22

    Wiring for lights 2013 250xc?

    I did that on my 200. I used LED lights witch required DC then used a 50V diode bridge to create the DC and a large CAP as the battery (more of a smoothing filter). Works great and I see up to 35VDC at high rpm which the LED can handle. Cam.
  6. KXcam22

    Reed valve question

    On a high quality reed cage though, you don't usually see gaps of any kind. My 17 300xc is my first bike ever that showed a small static gap, although perfectly fine for operation (and bike runs great). What a gap CAN do, is the mixture get reversed back into carb, where it picks up an extra charge of fuel, making is super rich. This was the "loading up" that used to plaugue us on non reed valve bikes in the old days. There was nothing wrong with my 17 reeds but I did buy some VForce4. Needed a xmas present. Cam.
  7. KXcam22

    Reed valve question

    The positive and negative pressure in the intake (caused by the piston motion) forces the reeds open and closed. As long as when you push the reeds closed they seal then there is no issue. A static gap, while not looking the best, doesn't affect performance. Now if the reeds don't seal, then that is a different issue that WILL affect performance. Cam.
  8. KXcam22

    IMS Coolant Recovery Tank 18 KTM300xc

    I rarely boil my bike but always use a coolant catch bottle. Why not? Easy to build for free with an old armorall bottle or similar. On my old CRF450 I bought the X model catch bottle, just because is was really cool and form fitted. It seems dumb to me to not put one on and then you can forget about it. On my 2017 300 XC I put one in the airbox. Again, it was an almost free mod since I think I had to buy the tubing. Cam.
  9. I used a chunk of 6x6 post. Nothing too radical. I stop and try to balance in it.
  10. My vac pump died so I use my manual oil extrctor. It actualy works just as well and will pump 25 in vacuum easily. I also built mine using a water housing. I actually works very good. Cam.
  11. KXcam22

    Spark plugs?

    I prefer the BPR7ES or the BPR7EIX iridium. I have been running the P type for the last 10 years or so and find them to run cleaner and longer. Cam.
  12. KXcam22

    Vforce 4 reeds on 2018 300 xc

    That is correct. Cam.
  13. A simple backyard teeter totter is fun, built out of a plank. Cam.
  14. KXcam22

    Pwk 38 worn needle jet

    I wonder if you could ream it out and then run a larger diameter needle to compensate? The STIC is probable the best fix. Cam.
  15. KXcam22

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    I think the top clip is to maximize the straight section of the needle. Those needles have a notoriously short straight section, although it terms of throttle position you would not think it would make much difference. On my 300 xc it does run best with needle in first clip. Go figure. Cam.