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  1. i have been racing for 7 years and im a A rider do i give up now or keep trying for pro?
  2. Mx_Racer_11

    2006 Rmz 250!! Any problems?

    it was not that good of a bike if your going to go to a suzuki go to the 07.
  3. Mx_Racer_11


  4. Mx_Racer_11

    Wheres all the new 06 rmz250 owners at?

    I just got my new rmz250f i like it alot. it feels really fast and for sure faster then the 04yam yz250f.
  5. Mx_Racer_11


    I need a new right radiator. Where can a get the best deal? stock, aftermarket whatever.
  6. Mx_Racer_11

    Racing Horror Stories

    I was racing at a stadium race and went down on the start becuz of somone else then while trying to cetch up i landed on a slower rider and broke my back and wrist. But now back to racing and having fun hoping to go pro someday.
  7. Mx_Racer_11

    Music while riding

    I dont know about listening to music i did it one time and all it seemed to do was mess me up but i dont know i guess it just depends on who you are.
  8. how much will the 05 rmz250f go down when the 06 comes out?
  9. Mx_Racer_11

    How good its it?

    keep it coming i want to knwo more.
  10. Mx_Racer_11

    How good its it?

    wow that would be awsome. any other opinions?
  11. Mx_Racer_11

    How good its it?

    wow that is amazing how much do u think it would cost to et a crate ktm from texas to il?
  12. Mx_Racer_11

    How good its it?

    How good is it to get a bike 150 over dealer price?
  13. Mx_Racer_11

    Pic of me airing it out

    and also when i was in a race i have flatlanded about 15 feet past it trying to get away from josh. illinoiscableman75 yeh is still ride there not right now tho becuz of my broken collarbone. But no i dont have any new pics of the jumps but i can tell you they made the triple more forgiving and you cant really case it bad enough to crash unless you are really messsed up in the air. Also they made the tunnel jump a little harder be carful on it and work your way up to it, it is big i have seen a 40yr old git k/o'd on it.
  14. Mx_Racer_11

    Pic of me airing it out

    I was there the night they made it they mesured it at 105 and you land at like 112 one of my firend was the first to test it out.
  15. Mx_Racer_11

    Pic of me airing it out

    no its not a table top it is table to table with like a 20 foot gap.