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  1. cj650

    No master link on chain??

    the 650r comes without a masterlink the chains are pressed it is safe safer than a master link actually
  2. cj650

    XR650R graphics kits...Hard to find!

    Check out invisionspowersports.com thats were i plan on ordering mine after this riding season
  3. cj650

    The fastest dirt bike ever produced?

    service hondas are not the fastest dirtbike ever they are detuned from there older bretheren
  4. cj650

    trail 90 wont run?

  5. cj650

    Making the 450R more roomy?

    g-wiz how tall are you i am on my tip toes on my friends crf450 my xr650 sit lower and i still am just barely flat foot haha
  6. cj650

    XR650r Big Bore kits?

    i have seen a few on the enternet but to me it don't seem to popular
  7. aren't 2 strokes ilegal for onroad use???
  8. cj650

    What causes a MX bike to shift horribley

    your clutch should'nt be the problem most bikes are designed for clutchless shifts check and see if your shift forks are bent
  9. it helps to change the sprockets after they wear out
  10. cj650

    OOPS, Rim lock now what?

    don't ride it take it back aprt and see if you broke your rim lock...if so replace it
  11. cj650

    Xr 50 Help

    too much fuel
  12. cj650

    Stuck Swing Arm Shaft

    get a brass punch
  13. cj650

    XR400 VS 400EX Altenator

    You can make your xr400r electric start if you get the parts of of the 400 ex
  14. I did what everybody else is doing. Check it out.